Friday, April 20, 2018

In The Light Of Spring

When Thoughtful Words Mattered

"Child welfare ought really to cover all sorts of topics, 
such as better water and sanitation and good roads, and 
clean streets and public parks and playgrounds."
- Marjory Stoneman Douglas

I read a short article in my email today, from, about the woman who’s name
 adorns many places in Florida, (Including a high school 
that is now the starting point for sane laws regarding firearms).

Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who survived
 a preventable massacre are currently being vilified in the 
predominantly right wing biased mass media. 
They will not be pushed aside of talked down to. I support them 
and all those who will vote for the restoration and future of 
our democracy.
Treehouse squirrel snacking

This quote was in my email feed from Finimize and I liked it. 
I removed the cookies so you could freely enjoy Eleanor Roosevelt’s thoughtful observation. 
(click the link if you want to visit a modern financial news site)

Spring Is Still Busting Out All Over

The cactus that never quits

Some of the applications and programs that I have been using 
for years are changing in unfortunate ways. Some are changing 
to subscription services, some have been bought by other 
companies and some are making poorly considered changes 
just for the sake of changing.

Stunning iris in Dottie’s garden

Even this blogger site is “modernizing” its way toward 
uselessness and will soon be unusable for writers and bloggers 
who prefer to create from their own minds, rather than be 
trapped in a collection of cut and paste stickers, templates 
and other border walls.

I originally designed my Phil’s Place page layout to provide 
just the right balance of white space, shapes and blocks of 
text that would visually convey the spirit of my musings. 
That worked for a few years. Only small adjustments have 
been required. Like redesigning the masthead and changing 
the size of images and trying to keep text from being converted 
to something ugly, (like Arial).

Happy hummingbird baby

I think where Apple, and now Google are going in 
the wrong direction is by trying to combine smartphone 
apps with real computer programs. At least that is my 
experience with photography, music recording, video 
production and graphic design.

The latest updated, redesigned, unusable or abandoned 
Apple programs like GarageBand, iMovie, iWebs and iPhoto 
are perfect examples of planned obsolescence and bad judgement. 
The iPhone versions are cute and that is nice on iPhones. 
I am using older versions of the Mac applications because 
the new versions lack the controls needed for original works.

Magic iris tests million colors retina displays

That’s my excuse for not writing this blog for awhile. 
The last time I published it, everything was reshaped and 
rearranged to where things got all squished together and text 
ran off the page. It was horrifying to see this carefully crafted 
blog discombobulated and trashed by poorly written code.*

I suspect that something weird will happen here, too.

*It did happen and I have had to chop up the text to fit this mobile 
App format. I think it looks like shit. I apologize.

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