Sunday, December 3, 2017

Ti's The Season

The Season Of Giving?

Was it Macy's or Gimbals stores that created that slogan?

Anyway, I just now imagined time traveling to that famous manger in year zero, (though there were billions of prior years, some Catholic pope named it year zero).

I was trying to think of a great gift for the Son Of God, when it occurred to me that the son of God,(who created everything), already owns the universe and everything in it. 

What do you give to the person who, in perceived Christian reality, has everything?

A song? His dad is God and therefore his son already knows every song I will ever write.

Nope, the kid doesn't need a thing. Everything, everywhere is already His, now and forever.

So in my imaginary time traveling to the land of mangers, I figured I would go sing my song, Brain Draino, to any shepherds who were dumb enough to be grazing sheep in winter.

And to all ... Time traveling isn't for everyone.