Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On The Edge Of The

Scientific Frontier

The moon from my balcony. 4/25/10

Lost laser reflector found 40 years later, on the moon.

From Space.com;

The French-built laser reflector was sent aboard the unmanned Soviet Luna 17 mission, which landed on the moon on Nov. 17, 1970 and released a robotic rover that roamed the lunar surface and carried the sought after laser reflector.

The Soviet lander and its rover, called Lunokhod 1, were last heard from on Sept. 14, 1971.

A Lunokhod Rover

The Luna 17 Lander

The tracks you see around the lander, are those from the Lunokhod rover that wandered miles off course in 1971. It was assumed lost, or damaged, until this month, when images from the Lunar Orbiter showed a reflection from the lander. Scientists on earth, who had been using other reflectors to bounce their laser beams, pointed at the coordinates for the rediscovered hardware on April 22, and got a strong return.

Scientists say that this reflector, combined with the 2 placed on the moon by the Apollo 11 astronauts, and another Soviet reflector that didn't get lost, will help them pinpoint the exact center of the moon, and the data will help to further the studies of gravity and Einsteinian theory.

Lightning On Saturn
Lightning  Flashing on Saturn
For movie link, click the picture.

To see lightning on Saturn, the Cassini team had to wait until the equinox so that the rings wouldn't be lighting up the night side of the planet.

The Cassini mission continues to demonstrate that there is more to American science and technology than designing stuff to blow up mud huts in the cradle of civilization. Some of us are using our technology to discover the wonders of space, and our solar system.

Graphic preview of Cassini and Enceladus flyby.

On April 27
at 21:09 UTC, Cassini will reach the periapse of Rev130, its closest point to Saturn in the orbit. At periapse, the spacecraft will be 153,900 kilometers (94,690 miles) above Saturn's cloud tops. A few hours after periapse, Cassini will fly by the icy moon Enceladus, passing at an altitude of 99 kilometers (62 miles) on April 28 at 00:10 UTC. This is Cassini's 10th targeted encounter with Enceladus. More at the Cassini site, HERE.

Big Wind Gusts

Wind Gusts from Phil Seymour on Vimeo.

More Wind
I went to John's shop to take some pictures today. When I came in, the radio was on in the background. Like a lot of people, John likes background noise while he is working. Today he had right wing lunatic talk radio on. They have such luminaries as Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity delivering their uncontested opinions with outrage and utter disdain for anyone who would question their veracity. They are the voice of the Republican party, the Tea party, the Birthers, the Enders, and all the other unhappy, "our way is the only way", party's.

Today's topic,
(before I turned off the radio), was the Arizona immigration craziness. I listened for a minute or so, to the nonstop outrage, and I realized that I couldn't tell whether they were arguing for it, or against it. I asked John and he wasn't sure either, so I turned it off and made some video clips and pictures of John's latest project.

'Bench Copy' Stradivari

John fits the heated and bent wood for the sides. 4/27/10

John received
some casts from a 1715 Stradivari violin which he is using to make an exact, as possible, copy, to see and hear how it plays. This will be fun to follow and document with multi media for a followup to the viola iBook for the iPad.

The viola book
is coming along nicely, and I am catching up on the extra features while the viola is seasoning in the sunny, shop window. John says the exposure to the sun's ultra violet radiation, effects the wood in such a way that it bonds better with the varnish.

I have begun tracking down forums of e-book authors, and designers, who are writing for the iPad. I have only found one small group so far, but I am just getting started with reaching out to other people with a similar vision. Step by step.

My Kitchen Calendar
April is about done. 4/27/10

I think I might miss the Argentinian horned frog with a mouth so big, he can eat bugs, birds, fish, and mice. I am not sure what next month will bring, like reality, I don't turn the page until it's time.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

More Than You Know - The Platters

We Are What We Eat

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A World Of


Flower in Macy's parking lot, cement divider. 4/25/10

I woke up with some congestion, and a ragged speaking voice when I answered the phone at 8:30 in the morning.

"This is Phil."
"Are you okay?"
"Your voice sounds kind of ragged."
"I was sleeping."
"Oh, did I wake you up?"
(No, it was the sound of the phone ringing), "Yes."
"I'll call back later."
"No. What do you need?"
"Are you going to the club today?"
"I wasn't planning on it. Why?"
"I need to cash a check for $150."
"We don't cash checks. Besides, we don't have that much money in petty cash. That's why it's called, 'petty cash'."
"Oh, I get it. It's what the word means."
"Right. Well, good luck."

First flower of the day, along the Treehouse driveway.

A couple of hours later, I got up, ate breakfast, took a shower, ( I didn't actually take the shower anywhere. It is still right where it has always been), did all the basic morning stuff, and realized that my voice was still a ragged, low, rocky, rumble. Add to that an occasional cough, and I had a feeling that something was trying to set up house in my respiratory tract.

More flowers in concrete dividers at Macy's parking lot.

I tried a tablespoon
of some local honey, but all it did was taste good. It was time I replenished my Silver solution. That's what they call the new nano particles of silver in suspension, these days. It used to be ionic colloidal silver, but there are some new methods of processing that supposedly makes a more effective potion.

I hope this silver stuff still works.

I drove over to the Shasta Mall, where there is a GNC store, to purchase a bottle of silver solution. To reduce the amount of walking that I would be doing, I parked in the lot around the side, by Macy's. It was a short trip in and out from there.

When I came back
to the car, I spotted an odd looking yellow flower, growing all by itself, in the concrete divider next to the Buick. I took a couple of pictures, got in the car, gargled some silver, and headed out of the lot to Hilltop. But, wait! Look over there in that other concrete thing, pretty colored flowers that I don't know the names of. I stopped and took a few pictures that I can share with you

Another fun flower in the Macy's parking lot.

I couldn't resist this shot of Shasta Bally.

I noticed that across Hilltop, by T.J. Max, there seemed to be a good view of Shasta Bally, so I drove over and checked it out. I liked it, so I took a couple of pictures and added them to my Shasta Bally collection, HERE. (I just decided to start this collection today, so I haven't rounded up the 50 or more Shasta Bally pictures I have in my albums, so there are just the ones from today, and last week when I went to Whiskeytown Lake.)

Health food from Trader Joe's. 4/25/10

Trader Joe's
is right there in the same locale, so I stopped in and got a couple of food items, including their frozen chile relleno. I figured that would discourage any bug trying to set up shop in my body. I headed home thinking that I might not be able to do any recording projects today that required a good singing voice.

CHP helicopter as seen from my balcony. 4/25/10

I got home,
nuked the relleno, put on some music, and tried to hear the stereo over the sound of a circling helicopter. We get a helicopter around here about twice a day. They sometimes are helping the police on the ground trying to capture a thief, or some one running from a DUI traffic stop. Sometimes it seems like a waste of money, (thousands of dollars every time the helicopter flies), but I am sure that it gives some people a sense of security, and it has to be a whole lot of fun and excitement for the guys in the chopper. Yee Haw!

Mother's Day Cards

I carefully examine the color density and saturation.

I produce greeting cards
for a select few, discerning and gracious people. But now, I have decided to extend my reach for this coming Mother's Day. I am making up a limited number of quality, hand picked, small run, printed greeting cards from some favorite flower images. There is only one card printed of each flower photograph. I have some ideas on how to use these to bring joy and happiness to the Mothers who receive them, and raise money for some local organizations, as well as recoup my expenses. We shall see hoe that turns out.

I treat each card as an individual work of art. 4/25/10

I put my heart, and talent, into each card. God provides the living beauty of the flowers, that someone carefully plantedand tended, and I get to photograph those flowers in such a way as to keep their vibrant essence alive in card that will express someones love for their Mother. Wow, I love my life. I am so blessed.

More Moon

A little more moon is showing tonight. 4/25/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
There's A Moon Out Tonight - The Capris

Doo Wop Dreams

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Taking A Look And Finding

Great Stuff

I went to see
the Saturday Earth Day Event at city hall, and took 180 photographs, (of which I kept 120).

I was a little late,
even though I got up before the crack of noon, people were already packing up their booths of soy candles, and other organic delights, but my attention was immediately drawn to the roses around the city hall fountain.

I got so involved
with taking pictures, that by the time I was done, everyone was packed up and gone.

There are so many
images that I would like to share with you.

You can see the whole bunch, HERE.

Within minutes
of uploading todays pictures, I got some nice comments about the beautiful images. I love this internet stuff, and I particularly am glad there is Google. When I first read the comments in my email, I thought I might want to have Google translate them for me, but when I went to my Picasa Web Albums, there was the translation, right beneath the comments. So cool.


Just on a whim,
I drove around behind city hall, to the meditation garden. Wow, there were roses of colors I had never seen before.



And just as I was driving out of the rear parking lot, I spotted this...

Who could ask for more?

Just one more picture...

Moon This Evening

So many
beautiful sights to see, appreciate, and photograph.

I love this place.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

That Old Devil Moon - Rosemary Clooney

Music In My Heart

Friday, April 23, 2010

Life Is Good

Colorful Day

By the library parking lot. 4/22/10

When I was at the library, yesterday, I took a few pictures of row, after purple row of foliage. The wide shots were okay, but what I liked best was this close up.


When I got back from the store, where I got a banana for my cereal, I was attracted to Dorothy's garden, by a splash of yellow. There was one yellow iris blooming. Once I took a few pictures of the yellow iris, I noticed some other new colors that had popped up overnight.

I also noticed
that Lassen was looking photogenic, so I snapped a couple of shots from the parking lot before I went in to eat my Optimum Slim, organic, Natures Path cereal, (with banana).

11:15 AM

From the Treehouse apartments parking lot. 4/23/10

I had a 2:00 dentist appointment, so I was back out in the world for awhile in the afternoon. The news wasn't good for my Medicare/Medi-Cal coverage, so I guess I will have to get out and campaign for an American Dental Care program. A healthy, smiling America, for everybody, (even republicans). We can pay for it with the billions of dollars we are wasting trying to catch Bin Laden.

3:15 PM

From the parking lot. 4/23/10

When I got back
from the dentist, I noticed that Lassen looked even more distinctive, so I snapped a few more pictures.

7:15 PM
From my balcony. 4/23/10

Around 7:15,
I went out and lowered the umbrella. When I did, I saw a jet passing close to the area of sky where the moon happened to be. I went in, got my camera, came out and snapped a shot before it passed by. There was only one chance, because the jet was really moving. It's not quite as focused as I might ultimately wish, but I don't get a shot like this everyday.

Good One

From my balcony. 4/23/10

While I was there, I took a few more shots of the moon.


From my balcony 4/23/10

More jets came
streaking across the sky, just moments after the moon/jet combination image. They had to be at least 30,000 feet high, but the Lumix TZ1 managed to bring in a few great images.


From my balcony 4/23/10

I may have to try some more moon shots later when it is dark.

It was a colorful day that I fully appreciated. Like the Daily Word implied; "Life is the greatest miracle of all".

The Earth Day events
continue through the weekend, and I hope to attend at least one. I am thinking the one with live music by city hall, and the sculpture garden.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
It's A Lovely Day - Donald O'Connor

Eternal Thanks

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Only Planet We Have

Earth Day

I saw a movie last night on PBS that was very informative about the relationship between all earthly life and dirt.

It is called, Dirt! The Movie

I had hoped to link to the whole movie, (and I did find a site where people can do that), but the movie is not yet authorized for free downloads, so I would rather direct you to the Dirt! website and have you see the trailer.

I Have No Time

J'ai pas le temps / I have no time from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

I have an account on the Vimeo video website. They present some of the best quality independent films/videos on the internet. This video was among the staff picks, and it clearly deserved to be there. This person is an artist in the most imaginative and classic definition. I was inspired and awestruck at the same time when I first watched this piece of fine art. I hope you see the talent in this video, too.

Crafty Stuff

Craft room.
Crafty frame idea.

The other day, I tried out a few different ways to frame some of the photos I have taken. I have various frames from the Dollar Store, but when I was there the other day, I noticed they had mirrors in a 10x13 black frame. I got 2, and some poster paper to play with.

Oops, I should have cleaned the glass first.

Enjoy Earth Everyday

Happy to be on planet earth, Phil.

Todays Relatively Appropriate Song;
One Love - Playing For Change

Happy Earth Day

Monday, April 19, 2010

It Was Good

Outside Sunday

Radio and TV towers on top of Shasta Bally 4/18/10

Shasta Bally
is a mountain summit in Shasta County in the state of California. Shasta Bally climbs to 6,175 feet (1,882.14 meters) above sea level.

This mountain is
in most of the sunset pictures taken from my apartment. When I look West, I see Shasta Bally. When I look East, I see Mount Lassen. Looking North, I have a view of Mount Shasta. To the South, and down the hill, is the city of Redding and the Sacramento river. I love this place.

It was a beautiful,
warm, and sunny day, here in Redding. I got out of the apartment and made my way toward Whiskeytown Lake. In conjunction with the National Parks being free of charge, the National Recreation Area had free admission as well. (The admission is only 5 bucks, but 'free' seems like a big deal)

Whiskeytown Lake with Shasta Bally in the distance.

Happy Phil, enjoying the local wonders. 4/18/10

It was warm today
, (in the 80's), but for some reason, I didn't wear a hat. That is significant because after about 20 minutes in the sun, I felt faint and shaky, or maybe I was just hungry. Actually the hat helps to shade the LCD display on the camera, as well as keeping the hot sun off my head. Note to self; "Hat, good".

Rock Creek from Iron Mountain Road. 4/18/10

I wonder why they call it Rock Creek?

The rushing water
was loud from where I stood on the bridge taking pictures.

My shadow on the rock.

I used the Lumix
TZ1 for todays pictures. Taking full advantage of the 10x optical zoom, as you can see demonstrated in these two shots of my shadow.

Close up, you can see through the water. 4/18/10

The blue flower attracts a butterfly. 4/18/10

A bug in the pentagon. 4/18/10

It felt good to get out an enjoy the rugged wonders of my surroundings.

Lassen Peak towering over Redding. 4/18/10

On the road
back from Whiskeytown Lake, there were some spectacular views of Mount Lassen. I especially enjoy this drive because the Sunset Marketplace is on it. I was compelled to stop in at their bakery and get a mini cream puff.

It was a great day to be out and about in this glorious country.

I am glad I can share it with you on this blog.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Roll Over Beethoven - (Young) Leon Russel

What A World