Friday, October 31, 2014

Our DNA Is Just Using Us

To Get To The Next Body

Sacramento River

The Immortal Gene

Richard Dawkins proposes the idea of the "replicator,"[4] the initial molecule which first managed to reproduce itself and thus gained an advantage over other molecules within the primordial soup.[5] As replicating molecules became more complex, Dawkins postulates, the replicators became the genes within organisms, with each organism's body serving the purpose of a 'survival machine' for its genes.

Fall Framed.jpg
A look at Fall

Dawkins writes that gene combinations which help an organism to survive and reproduce tend to also improve the gene's own chances of being passed on and, as a result, frequently "successful" genes will also be beneficial to the organism. An example of this might be a gene that protects the organism against a disease, which helps the gene spread and also helps the organism. The Selfish Gene - Wikipedia

Lovely Fall Leaves.jpg
Treehouse Fall colors

In other words, the DNA that formed me, (and you), is ancient. Living in body after body since it was part of primordial soup. I am just a temporary vehicle to carry it to a temporary egg carrying vehicle to keep the DNA alive by creating another carrier for this DNA.

Bike Trail.jpg
On the path

“Our bodies may be important to us, but from our genes’ point of view, they are nothing more than vehicles to get themselves intact into the next generation. The entire collection of the genes that make up you or me is called our genotype. The sum total of all the bodily parts and functions that our genotype creates to advance its cause—you or me—is called our phenotype.” Mindsuckers - Carl Zimmer

Even Deeper Red.jpg
Deep red

This is fascinating information. One can extrapolate and apply this concept to the Id vs Ego, conscious vs unconscious mind, destiny vs free will, or however you choose to describe this duality of human nature that has entertained thinking humans for centuries.

Down by the riverside

I recommend that you read the article by Carl Zimmer in National Geographic. It deals with observable behavior of various insects and animals that have been altered by foreign DNA that ghoulishly uses a series of different lifeforms to ensure its survival.

BG 2.jpg
Pink driveway rose

I find the addition of this information to fit nicely with what I have parsed from hundreds of sources regarding the duality of being human. We are part of the whole and uniquely individual at the same time.

There is life within us that began with existence. That ancient DNA is the very definition of divine wisdom. It protects us from harm and keeps us alive with breathing and beating hearts. We are directed to eat foods that keep us healthy and instinctively avoid threats to our lives, like fire, poisonous snakes, falling off cliffs.

Closer Feel.jpg
The big pink rose is even bigger today

Our DNA will alter our molecules to produce pheromones that will fill us with irresistible desire for the appropriate mate our DNA has chosen. Love and romance will fill our hearts and souls while we produce a new vehicle for copies of our genetic codes to keep them immortal.

It’s a complex, beautiful, colorful world.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wonderful Fall Day

For Taking Pictures

Fall Has Fell.jpg
Treehouse trees

The day began with mostly cloudy skies. Nevertheless the sun found its way through gaps in the gray sky to spotlight some of the colorful fall foliage.

Best Rose Today.jpg
Lifelike color and light

It was particularly thrilling to have captured the very essence of the pink driveway rose as a ray of sunlight illuminated the coloring with the ideal combination of angle, intensity, and shade of light through the high clouds. It was a perfect moment and angle. Fortune smiled.

Autum Arboretum.jpg
At the Arboretum

My neighbor and friend Margaret packed her camera and we took a ride to find some fall colors to photograph here in Redding. The first stop was the Arboretum and a stand of colorfully brilliant trees.

After that, it was just a short ride to the river trail for a full series of images that included the scenic pathway and the Sacramento river. I am still sorting through the pictures I took and will display them in a future blog or on one of the photography sites that i use.

Something Magic Here.jpg
Meanwhile back at the Treehouse

I expect Margaret will be showing her photos on her blog. I think you will find that she has an excellent grasp of image composition and her pictures tell stories.

The Moon.jpg
The evening moon was like an old friend

I enjoy this phase of the moon when it is visible from the afternoon into the evening. I was out running a few errands around 6pm and whatever part of town I was in, the view included earth’s crescent companion in the southern sky.

Red Velvet Rose.jpg
Red velvet rose

In the fading light, I sometimes add a bit of flash to help define subjects. This evening produced spectacular results like the rose image above. It was a great day for photographing this beautiful town and the Treehouse views.

Lassen Through the leaves.jpg
Lassen Park from the Treehouse

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Look At Connectivity

An Inclusive Perspective

Berries In Back.jpg
Rose and pyracantha

If I were to get my news and information in the habitual manner of most Americans, I would have the opinion that The Common Core State Standards is bad for our education system. At least that is how the mainstream media portrays it.

October Life.jpg
October highlights

Fortunately I enjoy the vast selection of information sources afforded to me as an average American in the 21st century. Still, even I had not seen any positive reports about Common Core until now. HERE, if you care to be informed.

Yellow Pair.jpg
Yellow pair

“The Common Core State Standards represent an important step toward closing achievement gaps and opening the door to higher-paying STEM fields for millions of girls.”

Rainbow Colors.jpg
In the midst of rain

Who’da thunk It?

The oceans play as important a role as the atmosphere in creating our climate conditions. Really. Scientists felt there was a sufficient lack of understanding the relativity between ocean and sky on planet earth among the general populous.

Tuesday Moon.jpg
Tuesday night

Rutgers University Academics  recently examined Atlantic/Pacific deep ocean current links as reported in Ocean temperature alarm call. They measured ocean currents and chemistry from the present and over time as far back as 3 million years in samples of ocean sediments. They submitted their results to Science Magazine

You can read their abstract HERE

Stunning Beauty.jpg
Stunning driveway rose and bud

As we get closer to the midterm elections, the republican candidates are getting nervous. Forgetting their memorized talking points, they stammer, stutter, and then just start making stuff up. It is amazing how uninformed they really are.

Pyracantha and Palm.jpg
Berries and fronds

It would be funny except that the “journalists” who are conducting the interviews are too dumb to know they are being lied to. I just hope that voters are smart enough to vote for democrats. We shall know next week.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Bright Sunshine

Rain Washed Landscape

Warthog Rose.jpg
Looks like a warthog rose

I took the opportunity around 11:00 am to capture some freshly washed roses when I went out to check the mail. There were quite a few new roses and plenty of buds to back them up.

Backlit Behind Stem.jpg
Sun shines through

There weren't many birds around. Most of them went somewhere else around 9:00 in the morning so they could hear themselves talk. The beautiful post rain sunny morning was also a good time to steam clean or pressure wash here at the Treehouse using a loud compressor.

Looks Like The Sun.jpg
Looks like solar plasma eruptions

Before the machinery was fired up, one could hear and see birds of all shapes and sizes discussing breakfast while sipping sparkling raindrops from the leaves. I was up early to open the door for Bruce to bring fresh bottles of Mount Shasta Spring Water.

Pink Rose CB2.jpg
My pink ribbon picture of the morning

Whatever the task was that required the loud compressor was completed about the same time as the substitute mailperson was finishing his delivery. Perfect timing for me, having finished breakfast, I packed my Panasonic Lumix FZ35 camera and iPhone in a bag strapped over my shoulder and stepped out to see what wonders were waiting for their closeups.

I'll Take It.jpg
Great colors and a few remaining raindrops

The previous day, I noticed a spot of red on one of the patio bushes, but it was raining and I was not set up for rain photography so I didn’t go investigate. However, with this beautiful Friday, I went over and saw that it had made a rose that I had missed in it’s youthful glory. After studying the rose, I realized it’s beauty was hiding in plain sight, as you will see in the following image.

Hiding In Plain Sight.jpg
Hiding in plain sight

What I am reading;

Death of a King - Tavis Smiley with David Ritz
The Real Story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Final Year

This book introduces you to the true measure of this legendary American leader in his last year as he focused the Christian message of nonviolence on the war in Vietnam. Following the teachings of Jesus angered many of those who had praised him marching for civil rights.

More Definite Pie.jpg
My latest apple pie

Midnight Crossroad - Charlaine Harris

If you have read any or all of the 15 Sookie Stackhouse novels you will be delighted to know that Charlaine Harris has begun a new and different series with complex, colorful characters, set in Midnight, Texas. Her sense of humor and storytelling skills will have you reading this first book of the series well into the night, as it did to me.

Just What I Wanted.jpg
Just the shot I hoped it would be

So there you have it. A beautiful day and pictures to illustrate it.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beautiful Surroundings

Awake The Joyful Heart

Streetview 1.jpg
Lake street view

Shasta 1.jpg
Mount Shasta

A post surgery appointment with Dr. Rinkoff brought me to one of my favorite towns. They call it a city, but I sincerely hope it never actually becomes a city. That would be a tragedy.

Antique Shop.jpg
View antiques from the waiting room

My eye has healed nicely. I have gone from legally blind to relatively good vision in my right eye. That certainly makes life a little brighter.

Mossy Tree Crotch .jpg
Tree between clinic and antiques house

I stopped at one of my favorite photo viewpoints on the side of the road where on and off ramps provide entrance to and exit from Southbound I-5. It was a spectacular day. Shasta had received a fresh cap of snow the night before.

Shasta 11.jpg
Magical Mount Shasta

Shasta 6.jpg
Closeup of Shastina

“The mountain consists of four overlapping volcanic cones which have built a complex shape, including the main summit and the prominent satellite cone of 12,330 ft (3,760 m) Shastina, which has a visibly conical form. If Shastina were a separate mountain, it would rank as the fourth-highest peak of the Cascade Range (after Mount Rainier, Rainier's Liberty Cap, and Mount Shasta itself).[4]- Wikipedia

Shasta 13.jpg
Last look before returning south to Redding

I have often thought about how it would be to live in the town of Mount Shasta. Even today is is still populated with dreamers, seekers, crackpots and adventurers that I would be happy to call my neighbors, but fate directed me to Redding where I am happy to be surrounded by a wonderful variety of friends and neighbors.

If I wish to enjoy Mt Shasta, I can see it from here, or drive an hour up the road and be there. One of these days, I would like to ride the train from Redding to Shasta and back taking pictures and video.

Raley's Pkng Lot Lassen.jpg
Mount Lassen from Raley’s parking lot

After I got back, I went to the store to get blueberries and saw our other famous volcanic mountain glowing in the last of the sunlight. I am a fortunate man.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

They Start By Infiltrating The PTA

School Boards, Planning Commissions, Etc.

Oct Bud 2.jpg
October rose

This subversion was initiated by Fred Koch with the John Birch Society to ultimately turn control the United States over to a handful of rich, white men. Later, his sons would rebrand the JBS as Libertarians, and more recently, the Tea Party.

This continuing effort is funded and directed by lunatic billionaires who are using the Republican party to eliminate women’s rights, civil rights, public education, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, unions, the post office, health and safety regulations, and the whole litany of Fred Koch’s dream of a libertarian utopia.

Backlit Sunshine 2.jpg
Backlit sunshine yellow rose

Voting records show that Republicans have consistently voted for corporations and against people. Tax breaks for the ultra rich and cuts in programs for the poor are part of their daily routine.

How can anyone be so stupid as to vote for these puppets of the obscenely rich?

Red And Grey.jpg
Red and grey

40 years of the best marketing campaign that money can buy, that’s how. This libertarian fantasy has turned some Americans into selfish, greedy, materialistic, uncouth capitalists who are more than willing to vote to take food out of the mouths of poor, black children, and anyone else they feel don’t deserve ‘handouts’ of taxpayer dollars.

Peek At October.jpg
A peek at October

Why am I writing about such a sensitive topic?

Because we all care about our friends and family members who have fallen under the spell of these flag waving, pro-money, racist, rude, crude, misguided miscreants.

We don’t want to lose our friends and loved ones, so what do we do?

Nellie's Red 1.jpg
Birthday rose

If you care about friends and family, get out and vote for Democrats. Vote for public schools and free college tuition so that we will have some intelligent, educated people to vote for in the future.

No one likes to be told that they have been fooled into hating other people for no good reason, but that is exactly what has happened to people who have been listening to talk radio and watching cable news. I am sure we can figure out a way to reach the real person inside these friends and family who are infected with anger and distrust of science, knowledge, libraries, and intelligent conversation.

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