Saturday, November 26, 2016

Giving Thanks

Another Time I Neglected To Say Thank You

I’ve been thinking about going back to my roots. I mean really going back to my roots.

Roots as in ancient plants and other life forms that lived in the ooze millions of years ago. Those viruses, fungi, and bacteria are thought to be the building blocks of just about every living thing on this planet. The DNA of those original microbes is part of our DNA.

With that in mind, let me share a personal experience that I had when contacting my inner roots:

Illustration for Blogpost Brain Draino.png

In 1975 I tried an experiment with music. I had been taught that music was a universal language and learned that that was very true during my travels as a performer.

I wondered if it was possible to musically speak to my origins. In other words to talk to nature herself and be answered?

I sat on a stump in the backyard of an East Palo Alto home rented by a good friend of mine. While sitting there with my guitar I experimented with different chord patterns and strums.

We had a dog and cat, chickens and a lot of plants, flowers and other growing things.

I found a set of chords that was mesmerizing in a soothing way and strummed them in a repetitive sequence for a while. At some point I looked up from my reverie and saw the cat, (Pepper), the dog, (Dreamer) and the chickens had all gathered around my feet to be close to the sounds the guitar.

I tried different chords, different rhythms, different patterns and discovered that some were understood and some were not. It was then that reality struck me. I was speaking to another species. That old trope about music being the universal language was proving to be true, at least to me.

One of the more interesting effects of the music was when a swarm of bees were lazily buzzing round and round in a 4 foot diameter ring just inches above me.

This happened as I was playing a certain set of chords and rhythms that apparently spoke to the bees. Don’t know what I was saying with the music, but they seem to like it. When I stopped they flew off and went on about their bee business.

I have read that plants can speak to each other and that experiments show that certain plants respond well to certain kinds of music. That 1975 experiment was my first live experience of continuing projects demonstrating that music is connected to all of our known universe.

Of course it is. It is vibrations it is the movement of molecules, atoms, electrons. The very essence of this universe, of the cosmos, of life itself! Music is a reflection of and addition to perceived reality.

I am thankful to be a composer, performer, scientist, naturist, sometime scallywag and part of a family at a time and geographical location that has allowed me to flourish.

Today’s Video;
This young lady was already tuned in at age 2. I am humbled.

Be Kind

Thursday, November 10, 2016

We Are Still A Democracy For The Holidays

There are interesting events scheduled between now and January 20

One such event is the sleazy swindler going to court over his phoney university

Not to mention, some of the 2,800 law suits by vendors and contractors the deadbeat developer didn’t pay after they did the work.

Or the lawsuit for non payment from his last team of lawyers

Trump is not the leader of the free world, yet. He remains just bluster until January 20

Trump Is Not President, Yet.jpg

We still have our democracy intact for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Enjoy!

Relax and enjoy America now. All is well until after the illiterate blowhard is sworn in.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Moment Of Sanity

Okay, Several Moments

Opening theme song:

A nice photograph I took this week;

Blaze, The Fearless.jpg

Blues ukulele with James Hill;

A view of Mount Shasta from behind Shopko;

Shasta 11 3 16.jpg
Mount Shasta with new snow 11 3 16

In case you haven’t been paying attention lately, some FBI agents have been assisting Julian Assange in publishing emails, documents, kitchen sinks and most anything else they can find or forge to stop Hillary from being elected president of the United States.

It hasn’t worked. If you are voting this Tuesday, be sure to vote for the constitutionally literate and proven public servant; Hillary Rodham Clinton. The free world is counting on your vote for sanity and balance.

Eye of The Tiger

I have been admiring Hillary and her dedication to public service ever since she helped bring down Nixon. The republicans have spent more time and money (2 billion dollars the last time I checked) trying to destroy Hillary than they have spent on education.

The right wing republicans are freaking out! In spite of all their hate, misuse of power, corruption of government agencies, and repetitive investigations, it looks like Hillary is going to be the duly elected president of the United States of America. (A sigh of relief will be heard around the earth when they know she is elected)

A heartfelt song that needs to be heard now and again, sung and played by musicians all over the world, (including the author);

Also of importance when you vote Tuesday, we must get rid of the unqualified minions of the right wing agenda, the tea party republican congressmen, mayors, governors, senators, and supervisors who only do what the racist right wing leaders tell them to.

Elect Democrats, (They listen to people who vote for them, not just the big money donors).

Earth needs you to vote for Hillary