Monday, September 29, 2014

Inventing Scary Terrorists

The Same Old Flim Flam

Just like Iraq

WWII plane flying over the Treehouse

We really, really have to stop funding the war machine of the Pentagon. These Generals and defense advisers are simply salespersons for defense contractors and will stop at nothing to get money for more weapons. The petroleum moguls will buy whomever and whatever is required to make it happen.

How to start bombing Syria

The propaganda sales crew began by beating the “imminent threat” war drums on September 13. They claimed a new terrorist group called Khorasan was going to attack America wearing exploding clothes and other extremely frightening stuff. “More scary than ISIS” the news broadcast loudly 24 hours a day, and suddenly there was every justification to start bombing the monstrous menace in Syria.

There is just one problem; There never was a Khorasan terror group. Read All About It

Flowers in Alder St neighborhood

The Real Terrorists have been here in the U.S. for decades

The Koch brothers have done more to negatively affect America and undermine our democracy than all the worlds terrorists combined. Sound extreme? Much more about the Koch takeover of our government is exposed and published in Rolling Stone. John Birch Society, Libertarian Party, Tea Party, Republican Party? All part of their family manifesto.

Rose and bud in our neighborhood
Have You Been Manipulated?

Read this article about the recent media attacks against Neil deGrasse Tyson and see how people can be easily directed away from issues by attacking the messenger.  

Why Don’t People Know About These Things?

Many people do know. But there are also many people who will never know because they will watch Fox News and not realize it is not news, Fox news actors mostly call Democrats childish names and rarely address actual issues.

How is that possible? Here, let John Cleese explain;

Speaking Of Reading

Elizabeth Warren’s bookA Fighting Chance” was on the ‘new’ books shelf at the Redding library when I was there on Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised that it was available and brought it home, along with a few others to read this week, (including HRC).

Sunset at the Treehouse

Today I sat on the balcony and began reading “A Fighting Chance”. I guarantee that if you read her prologue, you will be compelled like me to read the rest of the book.

I look forward to reading the new book about Hillary Clinton at the same time. The two together should make for a good read.

Ain’t That The Truth

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Continuing Blogger Exploration

I Like Embiggening Images

The results of the Blogger editor photo uploader are in. Success. With a mere click or tap
they become beautifully enlarged and very much like the original artfully crafted images.

Flower in Late Sun
 I have been examining reports from countries around the world regarding the various wars we have started. They are looking at the mess we are still making in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Sudan, and our own war on drugs in America; 
The world is not favorably impressed.

Late Sun Streams


We need to defund all this ‘war stuff’ and become America land of the free, again. That is not just my opinion; I simply share the same opinion of every clear thinking person on planet earth.


Today’s Video;

In A Nutshell

Let's Try Something New

At Least, Different
Head Bumps Little Lizard
I noticed something in Margaret Miller's new blog that I want to use in mine.

Her pictures when clicked would embiggen, (get larger). and were displayed on a separate page with a black background.

Clearly that is something I want to happen with my pictures. That way I can change my format from simply putting large images on the page, like a giant slide show, I will be able to organize story and images with more interaction.

Like tonight's introspective look 
Delicate Cuties
at a major turnabout that took place in my magical life of entitled circumstance.

I was treated like a prince from the very start. Given a genius intellect with an insatiable appetite for information, I was served a banquet of books and a fine tuned sensory apparatus to observe, enjoy and analyze the world I live in.

For most of my young life, breakfast lunch dinner and snacks just appeared as needed. In fact, I had no need to do anything that would divert my time from developing my mind. I don't recall using a washing machine until I was in my 30's, and that was because it was part of a personal experiment in living like a regular person.

Snow on Lassen
I even cooked a meal or two on special occasions for my girlfriend and her son.  I think they liked the thoughtful intention, but preferred that Jan do the cooking thank you.

It was during that time I shared the laundry duties by carrying the basket into the laundromat until we got a new dryer at the house.

I find it embarrassing to realize that I never even thought of participating in cleaning, cooking or any household chores besides hooking the TV up to the stereo so it would sound better. People had been waiting on me all my life. I never questioned that dynamic or considered it unusual.

I didn't learn how to cook and share household responsibilities until my 3rd marriage. I could always do a backyard barbeque or concoct campfire meals when camping, but that wasn't really cooking.

More cuties in the evening sun
It seemed like a natural progression to developing basic household management when I lived and loved with the woman I expected to spend the rest of my life with.

With Chrissy I learned to cook, clean, do laundry, and enjoyed every moment we shared in our 16 years together.

I get discombobulated and teary eyed writing about her though it will be 9 years in November since her life ended in the middle of Carmel Valley road after being run over by a teenage driver in an SUV. Though I think I have mellowed a bit since then, visiting that memory still stings.

Red Hots

  While living in Redding on my own for 7 years, along with 63 other people at the Treehouse Senior Apartments, I have made some changes in my person.

I have used my time to develop restorative routines in my daily life. Paying close attention to what I put on or in my body has made me healthier year by year.

I no longer eat in restaurants, (fine dining or drive through), unless I am traveling. If you regularly read the posts on this blog, you know how picky I am about food being really food that serves my nutritional needs. Even my pie and ice cream has to be made with real food ingredients. This picky-ness is paying off. I am healthy and happy.

The biggest attitude change I embrace now, is preferring to serve rather than being served. I am much more comfortable doing nice things that generate a smile and a moment of happiness, than thoughtlessly ordering people to attend to my needs.

And Now.. Today's Video;

Treehouse Clouds Very Short Timelapse from Phil Seymour on Vimeo.

Approaching Maturity

Friday, September 26, 2014

Rain Rain Rain

At Last

Home sweet home

What a nice treat for the north state.

Like magic

I thought of a great item for a gift shop. It could be made with a strip colorful ribbon with velcro for fastening. Of course it would need an illustrative card (that’s where I come in).

Treehouse Rainbow FX.jpg
Thursday rainbow

The card would explain that the ribbon will make birds and animals happy.


Stair Well.jpg
Building A westside stairwell

Before leaving for work or a night on the town, use the ribbon to tie up the outdoor wind chime.

Birds and animals will be able to communicate without tinkling and clanging interference, and they will be more likely to hear warnings and the sounds of predators before getting caught. This will make anything else with ears happy, too.

Rainy Afternoon.jpg
Afternoon rain at the Treehouse

The sun is shining today, Friday, and all is clean and sparkly after the rain.

No Wires.jpg
Cloud hen

Today’s Video;

Natural Car Wash

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

350,000 Marchers In Manhattan

And More Around The World

United Nations Secretary General

Links to Climate March Reports:

“Marchers filled up an estimated twenty-five city blocks in what is being described as the largest action against climate change in history, but the mainstream television coverage has been invisible. The march went ignored by the Sunday morning news shows, which instead chose to focus on ISIS and the NFL.” - Politicususa

March In London

For today’s video I choose the poem that brought the reality of climate change to the floor of the U.N. Assembly…

Today’s Video;

Got Something In My Eye

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Power Play

Electrifying Slowly

I have decided to start introducing myself as Philip. Meeting a new person can get off on the wrong foot when I have to correct someone for mistaking Phil for Fred, Bill, Mel, or Pete.

Flower Power.jpg
Flower Power

That would have been good when meeting John Livingston of the Sierra/Shasta Group at the Sierra Club booth at the National Drive Electric Week event put on by the Hybrid Shop and Rochas Auto Service. I mentioned to John and the very nice lady co-manning the booth, that I had been thinking about using Philip and would do so the next time I meet someone, (if I remember).

Woody Speaks.jpg
Loud talking young woodpecker

I suppose some of us become more soft spoken with age. I never have developed the hollering across distances style of conversation. I tend to speak softly when I am not on stage. It may be ingrained behavior. I have been on stages since I was 7 years old. But I digress.

It was enjoyable, conversing and sharing ideas with John Livingston. He is exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to the health of the water, land, and protecting the natural resources of our state.

Chevy Volt.jpg
One of the cars displayed was this Chevy Volt

I shared what I had learned about livestock production using more than half of California’s fresh water with beef cattle being the most water intensive industry in the state. It was the first he had heard of this. I explained one solution would be to move the industrial cattle production to a state that has more rainfall than here.

This would double our water supply without the need for new dams, water tunnels, or desal plants. (If actually implemented, those solutions would only increase our supply by about 5%) He is going to locate research papers and studies that state just how much water the beef industry actually uses to see if they are similar to my conclusions.

37mpg Pathetic.jpg
It only gets 37 mpg ...not impressive

Meanwhile, he gave me his HEIDI for congress pin when I saw his and mentioned: “I’ve been wanting one of those. Where did you get it?” He said he got it from Heidi Hall and he will get another the next time he sees her. That made my day. I am easily pleased...isn’t that nice?

About that time the fellow from the next booth had finished packing up his stuff, (it was only 1:45 and the event was on until 3). With a concentrated look of determination he came over to the Sierra Club booth and demanded to know, “What are you doing about chemtrails?”.

Talk radio influenced zombie trolls disrupting intelligent conversations tend to annoy me, so I said, “Until chemtrails actually exist there’s not much to be done”. I meandered away before I got sucked into that guys bizarre world of “they are out to get us” paranoia.

Look In The Back.jpg
Hey, it has a cargo net

John had the experience and diplomatic skills to keep the man calm. Very impressive.

Although I didn’t get any pictures of the Sierra Club booth, I did get a flyer with information that I promised to post regarding the upcoming Earth Water Climate Series programs dealing with water issues that are being held at the Redding Library.

The first presentation will be at 4:00pm Saturday, October 4. There will be information and discussion about the State Water Bond on the November Ballot. There will be speakers presenting pros and cons and open discussion of how this will affect the north state water wells, fishing, and anything else that requires fresh, clean water.

The second presentation and open discussion will be October 19 at 1:00pm. More about that in a later post.

The Kids Booth.jpg
Rowan at the fun booth

I am glad I wandered off, it gave me the opportunity to meet a young lady named Rowan who was in charge of the booth that included stuff for the kids who came to the event. There were face paints, coloring books and other things that looked like fun to me.

She said more cars were there earlier and she looked around as though they were about to reappear at any moment. I kept my eyes open for auto apparitions while I walked into the Hybrid Shop building to watch the video about a 1910 electric car that had a 100 mile range.

Solar Panel Cowboy.jpg
Solar panel cowboy

Later I spoke to Craig Stewart from Atlas Solar in Red Bluff. They have an interesting approach to solar powering homes. You buy their panels, (they don’t lease). The panels produce electricity from the sun and sell it to your electric utility during peak hours of the day to offset the cost when you buy power from the electric utility later that night.

I will give his card to Kathern, our manager, and ask her to include Atlas Solar when she begins seeking bids to solar power the Treehouse.

I would recommend leasing a solar panel system with a couple of wind turbines and battery backup. That would generate savings for the residents as well as the parent corporation of the Treehouse Senior Apartments. Our electrical power would be secure and we wouldn't be left in the dark If, and when the Redding electric utility has a power outage.

My Pie.jpg
Fresh baked apple pie for dessert

Today’s Video;

Electric Dreams

Friday, September 19, 2014

News That Is Actually True

Can Be Found Here

This is an experiment with embedding news videos, (and a video of one political candidate whom I endorse). Lets see how this turns out.

This has a lot to do with my recent experiences with ‘embedding disabled by request’. This is a feature that YouTube stuck in everyones account with their last update. Since then it is up to those of us who produce videos to turn that feature off if we want our videos to be shared on other people’s blogs and websites.

Over time I was getting discouraged by the number of YouTube videos that I wanted to share that have the disabled feature on them. I knew this was likely that most people didn’t know about the change so I contacted one of them last night to let him know I wanted to embed his video on my blog.

He ended up emailing the embed code to me because neither of us could figure out how to make it available in the regular fashion.

Today while I was checking the other sites where I had run into that problem before, I noticed that the format for the display of the embed code has changed, and that some of the sites are working properly now. This is good news.

As a result, today I will embed video clips from some reliable news sources. Beginning with Fair TV

Fair TV is all the things that corporate news is not. It is a look at real stories and how the major outlets spin them. Even PBS is assisting defense contractors by helping to sell bombs, boots, drones, and the disastrously misguided policy that more wars will save you from the boogyman.

Media Matters exposes stuff like this Fox News actress spreading lies;

It is a good thing that there are lie catcher groups like Media Matters who will take the time to watch the mind numbingly stupid spin on Fox, so you and I don’t have to. Watching that stuff is like reading supermarket tabloids.

The candidate I will be voting for

I will vote for Heidi Hall. She is a dedicated, educated, experienced public servant. We need her in Washington.

Named after the famous workers rights activist Mary Harris Jones, Mother Jones magazine online and in print, hires courageous journalists who get to the heart of the matter so we can get a better view of events in the news.

And Finally,

Laughter Is Awesome

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Discovering A New World

By Getting Older In This One
(And That’s A Good Thing)

All by itself

I am surprised to find that I am doing everyday stuff like I see ‘old people’ do.

Each day I’m finding new ways to spill things and bumble in general.

Look More Closely.jpg
A closer look at the lone bloomer

When I whack my funny bone on the door knob or skin my knuckles pulling my hand out of the cupboard, I remark out loud, “Wow, I’ve never hurt myself that way before”, “That’s a new experience”.

Not Lonely.jpg
Could not resist getting really close

One of the bigger adjustments I have been making is the reality of deteriorating eyesight. 

I don’t realize, sometimes, just how limited my vision has become until I get home after a days photographic adventure.

Once I put the images into the computer and see them blown up I discover bugs and spiders right in the middle of a flower that I didn’t see when I looked through the lens to take the picture. 

One time the computer display revealed a praying mantis, big as life, right on the stem of a rose that I hadn’t known was there when I took the picture.

Pie 3.jpg
An apple a day - pie style

It will be interesting to find out if I lose a lot of my spill skills and bruised extremity moments after I have a cataract removed and obtain prescription glasses.

It could be that my bumbling old guy stuff is just a product of unfocused vision. I mean, really, I am only going to be 70 next year and that seems relatively young to my way of thinking.

Silent exhaust.jpg
Exhaust fan alternative

If I am using the oven, (you know, to bake a pie or something), that normally would mean at least an hour of hearing the exhaust fan noise.

A few months ago, I came up with the hanging towel trick to make the fan more efficient, but I have discovered it works nearly as well without the fan running at all. That is a new and pleasing discovery.

Heavens Crows.jpg
Heaven’s crows

This coming Saturday, the 20th, there will be an electric car demonstration and display in Rochas Auto Service parking lot.


It is at the corner of Shasta View and Hartnell. I used to go to these guys to get the Buick smogged. Julio makes me feel happy when I see him. I hope he is there Saturday.

Wide lens close.jpg
These are fun flowers for fotos

Today’s Video;

Here is one from the Center for Biological Diversity about Sunday’s Climate March

You will have to click on the link to see their video. They didn’t have embedding enabled.

Neither did these guys with their wonderful carbon emissions world map animation.

I received an embed code by email for the FFDAS Carbon Dioxide Emissions;


So,...Here Is This Embedded Video;


Reliable Inexhaustible Sunshine