Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Harvest Mooning Again

Shine On, Shine On

Harvest Rising 1.jpg
Harvest Moon rises through the smoke - 9 8 14

Moon Pix three night’s in a row. But, what pictures they turned out to be.

Raley's Lot 2.jpg
Harvest Moon on the 8th from Raley’s parking lot

You have already seen the almost full Harvest Moon images from the 7th in the previous blogpost, or I would have them on this page, too.

Although, I must admit that I do double post an image now and then, I try to maintain a standard of freshness when it comes to posts.

Harvest Moon 9-7.jpg
Harvest Moon 9 9 14

There is something about posting images that makes me see a “sell by” date associated with most of them. Reposting an image is as unacceptable to me as reposting a story or subject that has already been explored here.

Highrise Neighbors.jpg
Highrise neighbors

It looks like the morning glory has overtaken the crepe myrtle in their race for the sky.

The top of the tree that you see, is about 15 or 20 feet high. I suppose I could measure the length of it’s shadow at 2 different times of day, add some pi, a bit of geometry, calculate the exact height and know for certain. (I will let that idea simmer on low heat for a day or two.)

Harvest Moon 9-11.jpg
Harvest Moon in the smoke laden sky 9 9 14

I had no idea that tonights moonrise would produce such dramatic images. I even shot some really good looking video of the smoky red moon rising.

If I had known, I might not have spent 6 hours making today’s video with Monday’s Harvest Moonrise. I would have used all three nights. I may do that anyway, but not tonight.

So, allow me to present….

Today’s Video;

Harmonious Joy

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