Sunday, September 7, 2014

Music Soothes My Soul

And Brings A Smile

Sundown 2.jpg
Sundown Sunday

Tonight was the Jefferson State Blues Society Sunday Jam. The jam began with members of The Phil Seymour Band. That is a good thing.

Moon-Up 1.jpg
Moon-Up Sunday

Mike Brown was our drummer tonight. Mark, John, Bill and I completed the requirements for a 5 piece PSB. We had some fun.

Moon and Lassen 1.jpg
Mount Lassen and almost full moon

Mike and John had set the PA so that I could be heard. That was a good thing.

I like it when people can understand the words of the stories while I am singing to them. It is a good thing when I can watch reactions as I sell the salient parts of the songs. Tonight was good. The crowd applauded enthusiastically after the songs. That feels wonderful.

Moon-Up 2.jpg
It looks full already

The band played well, and in those moments when it needed an assertive leader, they followed me with pleasurable responsiveness. We all were smiling at each other. That is a good thing.

Moon and Lassen 3.jpg
Moon and Lassen in the twilight

It was a good night for music and moon pictures.

I hope this night brings you happiness, too.

Today’s Video;

Singing Makes Me Happy

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