Sunday, September 21, 2014

Power Play

Electrifying Slowly

I have decided to start introducing myself as Philip. Meeting a new person can get off on the wrong foot when I have to correct someone for mistaking Phil for Fred, Bill, Mel, or Pete.

Flower Power.jpg
Flower Power

That would have been good when meeting John Livingston of the Sierra/Shasta Group at the Sierra Club booth at the National Drive Electric Week event put on by the Hybrid Shop and Rochas Auto Service. I mentioned to John and the very nice lady co-manning the booth, that I had been thinking about using Philip and would do so the next time I meet someone, (if I remember).

Woody Speaks.jpg
Loud talking young woodpecker

I suppose some of us become more soft spoken with age. I never have developed the hollering across distances style of conversation. I tend to speak softly when I am not on stage. It may be ingrained behavior. I have been on stages since I was 7 years old. But I digress.

It was enjoyable, conversing and sharing ideas with John Livingston. He is exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to the health of the water, land, and protecting the natural resources of our state.

Chevy Volt.jpg
One of the cars displayed was this Chevy Volt

I shared what I had learned about livestock production using more than half of California’s fresh water with beef cattle being the most water intensive industry in the state. It was the first he had heard of this. I explained one solution would be to move the industrial cattle production to a state that has more rainfall than here.

This would double our water supply without the need for new dams, water tunnels, or desal plants. (If actually implemented, those solutions would only increase our supply by about 5%) He is going to locate research papers and studies that state just how much water the beef industry actually uses to see if they are similar to my conclusions.

37mpg Pathetic.jpg
It only gets 37 mpg ...not impressive

Meanwhile, he gave me his HEIDI for congress pin when I saw his and mentioned: “I’ve been wanting one of those. Where did you get it?” He said he got it from Heidi Hall and he will get another the next time he sees her. That made my day. I am easily pleased...isn’t that nice?

About that time the fellow from the next booth had finished packing up his stuff, (it was only 1:45 and the event was on until 3). With a concentrated look of determination he came over to the Sierra Club booth and demanded to know, “What are you doing about chemtrails?”.

Talk radio influenced zombie trolls disrupting intelligent conversations tend to annoy me, so I said, “Until chemtrails actually exist there’s not much to be done”. I meandered away before I got sucked into that guys bizarre world of “they are out to get us” paranoia.

Look In The Back.jpg
Hey, it has a cargo net

John had the experience and diplomatic skills to keep the man calm. Very impressive.

Although I didn’t get any pictures of the Sierra Club booth, I did get a flyer with information that I promised to post regarding the upcoming Earth Water Climate Series programs dealing with water issues that are being held at the Redding Library.

The first presentation will be at 4:00pm Saturday, October 4. There will be information and discussion about the State Water Bond on the November Ballot. There will be speakers presenting pros and cons and open discussion of how this will affect the north state water wells, fishing, and anything else that requires fresh, clean water.

The second presentation and open discussion will be October 19 at 1:00pm. More about that in a later post.

The Kids Booth.jpg
Rowan at the fun booth

I am glad I wandered off, it gave me the opportunity to meet a young lady named Rowan who was in charge of the booth that included stuff for the kids who came to the event. There were face paints, coloring books and other things that looked like fun to me.

She said more cars were there earlier and she looked around as though they were about to reappear at any moment. I kept my eyes open for auto apparitions while I walked into the Hybrid Shop building to watch the video about a 1910 electric car that had a 100 mile range.

Solar Panel Cowboy.jpg
Solar panel cowboy

Later I spoke to Craig Stewart from Atlas Solar in Red Bluff. They have an interesting approach to solar powering homes. You buy their panels, (they don’t lease). The panels produce electricity from the sun and sell it to your electric utility during peak hours of the day to offset the cost when you buy power from the electric utility later that night.

I will give his card to Kathern, our manager, and ask her to include Atlas Solar when she begins seeking bids to solar power the Treehouse.

I would recommend leasing a solar panel system with a couple of wind turbines and battery backup. That would generate savings for the residents as well as the parent corporation of the Treehouse Senior Apartments. Our electrical power would be secure and we wouldn't be left in the dark If, and when the Redding electric utility has a power outage.

My Pie.jpg
Fresh baked apple pie for dessert

Today’s Video;

Electric Dreams

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