Saturday, September 6, 2014

Somethings Haven't Changed

Some Changes Take Time

Balloon Moon 6.jpg
Balloon Moon

The moon hasn’t changed much at all. It never was made of green cheese.

What educated humans know about the moon has changed. We have managed to go there to explore and leave some trash.

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Coffee bean - image taken with my iPhone

Young people still have a difficult time as teens, no matter where in the world they live.

Hormones and changing brain chemistry creates havoc with the process of self image. Fight or flight messages get mixed with emotions and logic and many young people, particularly males, seek simple physical solutions to confusing situations. They are ripe for recruitment into armed forces.

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Flowers bloom

“It’s still the same old story. The fight for love and glory. A case of do or die”, As Time Goes By - Herman Hupfeld

While in high school, most young people find something to do that they can relate to. Academics, sports, music, drama, art, cars, clothing, chess, something. Activities that they do well enough to feel a sense of self worth and also gain some respect from their peers.

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Delightful nutrition by the slice

Getting high school age boys to join a military group is deceitfully easy. What could be better than hanging out with others who like to shoot things and blow stuff up? You even get a uniform with insignias and your own weapons.

Discipline and training will drive away those pesky thoughts of what’s right or wrong.

What’s not to love about structured aggressive behavior?

Will Soar For Food.jpg
Will soar for food

There have been changes this century regarding which military force will be recruiting your children. It used to be you joined the military of your nation.

Thanks to the expanded media voices of bigotry, intolerance, hateful attitudes and the resulting deviciveness fomented by prominent personalities, our society is creating recruits for other countries and military organizations.

Love These Yellow Buds.jpg
Reaching for the light

Putting fundamentalist Christians in positions of political power is un-American to the core, yet we have governors, senators, congressmen, police and military leaders using mass media to wave flags and bibles while hurling insults, inflammatory rhetoric, and making laws restricting anyone who is not a white male protestant.

Is it any wonder that thousands of young men from westernized nations throughout the world who are not white Christians are easily recruited by Islamic armies? Here is a revealing story that is part of this narrative.

Tny Flowerland 1.jpg
Tiny Flowerland

This issue really hit me right where I live. I can travel freely in my country because I am white, clean, old, and harmless. But some of my friends, acquaintances, fellow musicians, and associates are not old harmless looking white guys. I have been with them in situations where they were disrespected, refused service, beaten, jailed or denied entrance to places that I may come and go without a second thought.

For them, living in America is a life of constant pressure from fearful white male “Christians” and their followers.

It is for all of us that I am writing this today, dear reader. If we can find ways to promote tolerance, respect and love through education, music, art or a kind word, we may not stem the tide of negativity, but even just a smile can make a change that matters.

Hot Red Budder.jpg
Hot red rosebud

And on a different note

Did you know that guar gum, (the stuff some manufacturers put in ice cream instead of egg yolk), is used for fracking? Yep. Here’s an article that makes that interesting

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