Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shady Deal?

My Bank And Me

I am wondering about the trustworthiness of my bank. I have a credit card account that I use to buy things I feel I need at the moment.


There are reasons why small loans like this work for me.

  • By the time I would have saved up for the item, it’s usefulness would be diminished by the time I could buy it.
  • Opportunities usually require immediate action and I can budget monthly payments.
  • Having the right tools for the the task that has presented itself is essential.
  • There is a limit to how much money a person retired on social security can have in savings before one loses benefits.

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From 1995 to 2014 I had the good fortune of a mentor and financial manager who trained me to be punctual and responsible with bills and loan payments. (She was a good piano player, too) She oversaw my finances and acted as a loan officer providing interest free loans, if I made a good case for the amount and repayment was always regular and on time.

When I became my own CFO, I opened a credit card account with the bank to provide the additional funds that are sometimes needed for expenses beyond rent and food. This is okay, though the annual percentage is obviously more than the 0% I had been accustomed to.

Morning Plant.jpg

So here I am, knowing exactly where I stand with my credit card debt. I pay a little more than the minimum monthly payment and the amount I owe gets smaller each month.

Offers associated with my bank appear now and then. They tell me I can  borrow money at lower interest to pay off high interest credit card balances. This raises warning flags in my mind.

Red Rose.jpg

I ask myself the question; “Why would the bank encourage me to take a low interest loan to pay off my card when the bank is already making money on my monthly payments for the balance owed?” Why haven’t they been using that same low interest rate on the card?

If I were to take out another loan to pay the one I have budgeted for seems like some kind of shady business. I can’t get the idea out of my head that if I did this extra loan thing, I would somehow end up with more payments a month than I can afford.

Soft Yellow Fam.jpg

I don’t think this loan offer is out of the goodness of their heart. Thanks but no thanks.

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The Loan Banker Rides A Gain

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Terrorists Under The Bed

Donald Drumpf’s Campaign of Fear

To cause fear is to terrorize.

Dam on 20th.jpg
Nice Tuesday at Shasta Dam

America’s most frightening terrorist is Donald Drumpf.

His deplorable followers and the media are responsible for spreading those fears.

For years, media has been amplifying Drumpfs message of hate your neighbors.

Driveway Red 20th.jpg
Happy driveway rose

Terrorists don’t have to send armadas of ships and warplanes to vanquish enemies...

They just have to blow up a cooking pot or shoot a bunch of people they don’t like.

Then Donald Drumpf will tweet and call in to CNN to complain that Obama is letting Syrians, Iranians, Mexicans, Asians, and Africans into our country so they can kill us all.

Mt Shasta 1.jpg
Mount Shasta as seen from Lake Shasta on Tuesday

“They’re pouring in all over our borders to kill you and Obama is doing nothing to stop them”, Drumpf shouts.

His fearmongering bullshit is broadcast and reprinted day in and day out, 24/7.

Dway Rose 20th Also.jpg
Another happy driveway rose

The most powerful weapon terrorists have is fear.

Wide view of Lake Shasta.jpg
Beautiful day at the lake

Our fear is diminishing freedom in America.

We are vanquishing ourselves with our fear of “the other”.

Mine Across Lake.jpg
Mine on a lakeside hill

Want to feel safer and more secure? Turn off cable news and talk radio for starters.

Love your neighbor and respect yourself

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sexist Behavior Continues Unchecked

Women Still Not Treated As Equal

The latest example comes as Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton leaves a 911 memorial program early because she doesn’t feel good.

Cue the right wing conspiracy machine, again. Tabloid headlines become major media “stories” filled with supposition. Her opponent, fake billionaire misogynist deadbeat Donald Trump, tweets “she’s unfit to be president” and other unsubstantiated stuff. Breaking news on Fox and CNN have her at death’s door.

At least the soap opera dialogue has moved on from her underestimation of the % of deporables in Trump’s basket. Polls reveal that the number of racists, misogynists and right wing extremists is a larger portion than half of Trump’s supporters.

What got my goat was reading the updated reports after her doctor stated that Hillary has been taking antibiotics since Thursday to treat pneumonia.

I can specifically recall being on tour, singing at various west Texas high schools while taking antibiotics for “walking” pneumonia. (at least that’s what they called it back then) If she is giving speeches and making appearances, her bout of pneumonia is not the life and death event that the headlines claim.

If you have ever taken antibiotics, you may have discovered that being in the hot sun does not make you feel good while taking them. I know this from personal experience. Some of you know this. Some doctors even advise you to stay out of the sun. That would explain everything to every ones satisfaction, if she were a man.

However, I just read a BBC bulletin that stated this;

Analysis - Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, Washington

“George HW Bush once vomited on a Japanese prime minister. His son fainted in the White House after nearly choking on a pretzel. Franklin Roosevelt hid his serious health conditions, and John F Kennedy never spoke of his debilitating back condition.” (Link to source)

He then goes on to write how worrisome it is that Hillary has pneumonia and how that may make people feel she is unfit to be president when they vote in November.

WTF! If she were a man, they would be writing about how brave and strong he is for getting back out on the job after a short rest.

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People with clenched fists can not shake hands.
~ Indira Gandhi ~