Friday, October 21, 2016

I Didn't Notice The Disparity

Because I'm A White Male 

Privileged? You Bet. 

Did I know it? Not A Clue.

How Could I Not See That I Was One Of The Oppressors? 

For many years It didn't occur to me to reflect upon the rudeness of my entitled behavior. 

I am astonished by my ingrained attitudes. I actually consider myself to be a champion of equality in American society!

Most men of all races have yet to realize what unenlightened jerks we really are.

I know that I am still on the long road to awareness. It's a start.

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Still Learning

Friday, October 7, 2016

Killers On The Roads

Should Be More Terrifying

I was reading the Friday Cheers and Jeers diary on Daily Kos and saw this combined data that answers the question; “Why are there more Traffic deaths in the first half of this year?”

“Number of people who died on U.S. roads in the first half of 2016, up over 10% from a year ago, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: 18,000

Extra miles Americans drove between Jan. and June 2016 vs. the same period in 2015: 50.5 billion”

I had seen and heard the statistic that there were more deaths on the highways in the first half of 1016, but without the additional statistic letting me know that we drove an extra 50.5 billion miles during that time I was another sucker for speculators.

Unless you have been in a Fox news/talk radio coma, you have likely determined that the man running for president is a repellent misogynist among his other disqualifying shortcomings. If you have any doubts as to his civility and veracity, you will have an opportunity to see him on Sunday as he and Hillary Clinton answer questions from people in St. Louis.

I hope that there will be fact checkers there to stop candidates from lying. Perhaps the moderator could have a kill switch for the microphones.

Fact checking would save thousands of viewers the cost of replacing their TV sets when they throw stuff at the TV in outraged frustration.

Hurricanes in Florida? Yes, and people will without fail, wait till the last minute to prepare.

Why don’t Floridians have storm shutters on their houses and businesses anymore like they had for the previous 400 years?

How about something to collect rainwater instead of buying bottled water when they get more plywood and nails each year to cover their unprotected by storm shutters windows? 

After all there will be plenty of free fresh water falling relentlessly from the sky to satisfy even the thirstiest family's water needs.

Luckily for some of them, my brother Jerry, (a certified FEMA estimator), will probably be there soon to help them get funds to rebuild their homes and businesses again, (without storm shutters or rainwater collection devices, no doubt).

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On The Good Ship Planet Earth