Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pleasant Quandry

Choosing From Good Pix

I am faced with the nicest executive decisions; Which five, or six, pictures will best illustrate the feel, and thoughts in each particular blog post?

Sometimes a picture is the thought, and needs no additional support.

Last Saturday, this was the view I woke up to.

Naturally, I was drawn to the sunny, colorful, photo opportunities.

I was not disappointed. I think every day delivers to those who correspond, but Saturday was a bonanza. My in-box overflowed with affirmations of life’s joy and wonder.

This tree has been an eye catching feature, every day this fall.

You may have noticed, by now, that I haven’t used any of the pictures from the slide show. Some of the subjects are familiar, but from a different day. I ran across these pictures that wanted a place in tonight’s post, and who am I to deny them their moment in the spotlight?

The trees on the distant hills caught the sunlight just right to show off their colorful fall couture. Pretty red and gold leaves shown from miles away.

Today’s Video;

Enchanted Place We’ve Got Here

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rain Is Forecast

Flood Warnings Have Been Posted

Once again, the day begins with a good breakfast. Some mornings, the breakfast looks so good, I just have to take a photograph. Just like snowflakes, the basic elements are essentially the same in each image, but no two are exactly alike.

Outside at the Treehouse, fall colors were startling in their intensity, inspite of cloud muted sunlight. I took plenty of pictures so I would have bright colorful images to play with during the expected days of rain.

The falling leaves have become an integral, complementary, part of my November compositions. This one stuck on the rear, passenger window points toward more mysterious chipping of the new paint on the Buick. I really need to go get some touch up paint at the auto paint mixer place, one of these days. I also think I should set up a motion activated camera to see just what is causing the chipping.

There were too many really good pictures from today to all fit individually on this post, so,  once again, I have taken advantage of the technology that allows me to embed a little slide show. If you wish, you can expand the slides to full page, or even follow the link to the web album and examine the images more closely.

The pictures on today’s post, are samples from the Picasa slideshow. I think they illustrate just how striking the colors, textures, and dimensions appear in todays photos.

There will be a full moon on the 28th. The above image was taken on the night of the 26th. I am writing this post on the night of the 27th, but as I look at the time, it is actually the morning of the 28th. Somehow, when I write blogposts, songs, or stories, time becomes stretched, (or contracted), and is altered beyond the linear constraints.

Life is fascinating.

Today’s Video Selection;

Misty Morning from Ben on">Vimeo

Nice Place We’ve Got Here

Monday, November 26, 2012

Expanded Vision

Revolving Viewpoint

This is a point of view that most of us don’t get to see. This is how it would look if we could look at ourselves from the other side of a mirror. What we normally see is a mirror image.

Last week, I went looking for Christmas card imagery. There was snow on Mount Shasta, and Mount Lassen, but the gas it would take wasn’t in my November budget. My Journey would have to be closer to home.

The one lane road out to Digger Bay Marina is rustic and loaded with inspirational views, so I took a drive on that. I didn’t see visions of Christmas, but fall was making an appearance there, last Wednesday. The drive was very pleasant.

Back at the Treehouse, I saw some of the familiar, neighbor birds. Some of them seem to feel comfortable with me walking around taking pictures. They must remain alert and wary of cats and other predators that share this knoll on which we live, so I don’t think they will benefit by getting too relaxed.

I waved at this couple who were out for a Thanksgiving weekend soar in an ultralight aircraft. They were bundled up in their leather jackets, motorcycle helmets, and the lady was wearing what appeared to be ski boots. It looked like fun.

I found another spot to frame pictures of Mount Lassen. It includes power lines, but I think they add to the composition. This was from a series of shots taken through barbed wire, chain link fences, high tension power lines, and other objects that might distract from the natural magnificence of the scenery. Look for the slide featurette in some future post.

To bring us a bit closer to the present, I have included this image I took as I got out of the Buick after a trip to the store just before sunset this evening. I couldn’t pass up this combination of the colorful tree outside my apartment, and the waxing moon revolving around planet earth.

Today’s Scenic Video;

Time Travelogues

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Thanks

And Many More

Photo credit - Margaret Miller

In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, I am a happy, and very thankful, man.

Thursday was a day of many gifts.

The sun shown brightly, and flowers responded beautifully.

I spent as much time as I could taking their pictures, but there were many more treasures that sparkled in the sunlight.

I took a lot of mountain pictures throughout the day. There were a couple of hours on Wednesday for snowy mountain picture taking too.

Our social services coordinator, Stephanie, and her family, pitched in to complete our Treehouse residents Thanksgiving feast and celebration. A good time was had by all, new friendships were forged, and Stephanie’s husband Paul brought his guitar. Peggy, Paul, and I played music after dinner. It was great fun.

After dinner, the eastern sky and Mount Lassen put on a beautiful display at sunset.

Yes, I am very thankful for the gifts that fill the world inside and outside me.

I hope you had a wonderful and fulfilling Thanksgiving.

Today’s Video Offering;

Playing With Food

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Rain

Makes Flowers Happy

It has been awhile since we have had a good soaking, here in Redding. The past day or two has changed all that. I wouldn't be surprised if the storm we had today gave us two, or more, inches of rain.

These images of wet flowers are from yesterday. Today the rain was so continuous, that I didn't want to go out and get the camera wet.

I took so many pictures of wet flowers yesterday that I ended up putting them up on Flickr. That way I could make a slideshow out of them and show them here, today.

Dorothy's garden still has plenty of color. These are her zinnias, (above), that I've been taking pictures for the last several months. They brighten the backyard of building B.

We still have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. It's so nice to be able to eat such a healthy diet. I am thankful for this bounty.

I read recently that the Twinkie factory was going out of business. I would guess it's because a lot of people have stopped eating that kind of stuff, but Fox news blames Obama.

It's all part of a great big conspiracy to make people eat healthy food, ride bicycles, and stop wasting resources. According to them, the agenda 21 stormtroopers are going to make people exercise and eat broccoli.

Scary Healthy Breakfast

What a place. What a world.

Today’s Uplifting Video;

What a Wonderful World | Playing For Change from Playing For Change on">Vimeo

Harmonious Future

Sunday, November 18, 2012


More Rewarding

The more we learn about what we are looking at, what we are doing, and what other things are doing, the greater the experience.

Knowing the history of where you are, enhances your conscious moment in time to include layers of the past with your now.

The more I know about the design, construction, and history of roads, bridges, and the vehicles upon them, the more skillfully and smoothly I can confidently transport myself from place to place.

The more you know about anatomy, physiology, animal behavior, anthropology, history, psychology, and sociology, the more you can appreciate, and fully participate, in your own life.

The more one knows about astronomy, the more magic and fulfilling is the experience of looking at the night sky. Knowledge enriches every aspect of our brief moment on earth.

The more we know, the more consciously and spiritually alive we can become.

I wonder if there is a graduate course in life experience appreciation and application?

I would sign up for that study.

The path of enlightenment is an available opportunity for us humans.

Today’s Illuminating Video;
(Filmed with an iPhone 4s)

Spain // iPhone 4s from AXYONOV production on">Vimeo

Smile For The Camera

Friday, November 16, 2012

Rain Here Today

Tomorrow, Too. They Say

Light rain arrived late in the afternoon. I had already taken a few pictures of the newly arrived, driveway roses, while there was daylight, so there was no need for me to go out slogging in the rain.

It is nice to see a little color along the driveway. Even if it is coming from just three blooming roses. In some ways, that makes their appearance even more appreciated.

I stopped in John’s violin shop this afternoon to replace the strings on my Takamine guitar. The set that was recently put on there, was from the bottom of one of my equipment bags and apparently was part of the bad lot that I bought last year.

After John put the new strings on my guitar, John, Al, and I took turns playing it. The new strings played true, with solid tonality, like they are supposed to. I am glad to have my guitar back to it’s reliable playability.

In the picture, (Above), Al helps John as he glues and clamps a newly repaired top onto a customers cello.

I found this freshly opened rose out on the edge of the patio by the dining room. A team of workers have been building an addition next to the dining room building to provide an office and consulting room for our social services coordinator. When it is completed, there should be more space, less congestion, and fewer scheduling conflicts.

When I looked outside my door today, I saw that the Orange Fairy had left a couple of cuties for me. It says on the sticker, “Cuties are made for kids”, but I am guessing that the Orange Fairy knows that I am a kid at heart.

So, now I have oranges, the sound of rain on the patio umbrella, fresh guitar strings, food in the fridge, a couple of good books, and the love of some wonderful friends, (mystical beings, too). Life is good.

I am blessed. I am happy, and thankful. There is so much we can all be thankful for.

I wonder if there is a special day when we can all agree to be thankful for the abundance in our lives? This coming Thursday, perhaps?

Today’s Beautiful Video;

JOURNEY TO THE END OF TIME from Greg Kiss on">Vimeo

Thank You