Friday, November 16, 2012

Rain Here Today

Tomorrow, Too. They Say

Light rain arrived late in the afternoon. I had already taken a few pictures of the newly arrived, driveway roses, while there was daylight, so there was no need for me to go out slogging in the rain.

It is nice to see a little color along the driveway. Even if it is coming from just three blooming roses. In some ways, that makes their appearance even more appreciated.

I stopped in John’s violin shop this afternoon to replace the strings on my Takamine guitar. The set that was recently put on there, was from the bottom of one of my equipment bags and apparently was part of the bad lot that I bought last year.

After John put the new strings on my guitar, John, Al, and I took turns playing it. The new strings played true, with solid tonality, like they are supposed to. I am glad to have my guitar back to it’s reliable playability.

In the picture, (Above), Al helps John as he glues and clamps a newly repaired top onto a customers cello.

I found this freshly opened rose out on the edge of the patio by the dining room. A team of workers have been building an addition next to the dining room building to provide an office and consulting room for our social services coordinator. When it is completed, there should be more space, less congestion, and fewer scheduling conflicts.

When I looked outside my door today, I saw that the Orange Fairy had left a couple of cuties for me. It says on the sticker, “Cuties are made for kids”, but I am guessing that the Orange Fairy knows that I am a kid at heart.

So, now I have oranges, the sound of rain on the patio umbrella, fresh guitar strings, food in the fridge, a couple of good books, and the love of some wonderful friends, (mystical beings, too). Life is good.

I am blessed. I am happy, and thankful. There is so much we can all be thankful for.

I wonder if there is a special day when we can all agree to be thankful for the abundance in our lives? This coming Thursday, perhaps?

Today’s Beautiful Video;

JOURNEY TO THE END OF TIME from Greg Kiss on">Vimeo

Thank You

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