Monday, November 12, 2012

Signs Of Winter

Around The Treehouse

Three cool days in a row. Temps in the mid-fifties. Colorful changing leaves.

A dusting of snow on the mountains, and forecasts that include rain for Redding.

The flowers look good in the bright, white light of the November sun that shines between the winter cloud patterns.

There are some flowers that still entice pollinators with tasty nectar. This may change if the nights become consistently cooler that they have been.

I am able to get great, clear images of airliners flying by at 30,000 feet when the light is right, and my hand is steady. I could just barely see a tiny light in front of the contrail with my naked eye, but the Lumix FZ8, 12x optical zoom let me see what kind of plane and airline it is.

I had some meaningful, well constructed, thoughts on how to re-introduce civic pride into the Redding populace, but these pictures took my mind to a more attractive arena of contemplation. I hope they brought a smile to you, too.

Today’s Relative Video;

Changes from Bart van der Gaag on">Vimeo

Maybe A Winter This Year

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