Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Revised Additions

And Altered Entries

Every now and then, I will re-write a complete blog post. I think it’s because the first post is just to get some stuff out of my system, but I don’t necessarily wish to introduce the tone, or content into the blogosphere.

Tonight, I still had a few lingering misgivings regarding politics and the 163 billionaires who tried to buy the election. I wrote those observations here. I made some grand grammatical constructs that amused and illuminated the reader, ( The reader in this case was only my consciousness, the spirits of loved ones, muses, and various manifestations of God that are included in the being I call, me ).

Once I have placed the words, thoughts, facts and figures upon the page, it has a cleansing effect on my psychological compendium which is further enhanced when I type over those words with a more universally communicative message.

Here is an example of the type of writing I usually erase/replace;

Instead of tilting at windbags*, (like Limbaugh and Trump), I have been having fun learning how to creatively use combinations of manual, and auto-Macro focus on the Lumix FZ8. It takes longer for me to compose each shot, but I feel good about the results.

*My apologies to Cervantes, but I thought it was ‘punny’ paraphrasing.

I am becoming more proficient with the new/used Lumix FZ8 camera. This week I have been exploring the creative possibilities that come with various combinations of manual and auto focus. I like the results.

Around seven o’clock this evening, right after dinner, I felt tired and weary as if it were midnight, or 3 in the morning. It was the Time Change Blues catching me off guard. I had momentarily forgotten that we had recently tampered with our clocks.

The image above shows Tuesday night’s dinner. Beneath the rice is a chunk of meat from some poor factory farm creature plus some other leftover stuff that was in the icebox. The steamed veggies were fresh. It was tasty, but I still won’t know if it was real food or GMO, until I begin to experience the effects of long term nutritional deficiencies.

I felt less than artistic when I took that dinner picture because I used the flash instead of setting up the tripod and combining light and shadow to define the inner character of the subjects.

We are supposed to get some rain tomorrow night, here in Redding. Cooler temperatures are expected as well. We shall see.

Today’s Video Offering;

ECAL Low-Tech Factory/Rocking-Knit from ECAL on">Vimeo

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