Saturday, May 13, 2017

Producing this Blogpost with Blogger

Okay. I know it seems like a long excruciating process to collect evidence and round up the appropriate witnesses to arrest the whole lot of improper appointees along with the fraudulent, failed and traitorous person and family occupying the White House.

I feel the same way. It is important that there be no loopholes for the slugs to slip through. You can bet there are teams of twisted lawyers who are more than willing to be in the limelight as Trumps defense team.
So we read the ever growing list of offenses committed by various greedy crooks that have taken over our government and the collection of domestic and foreign entities that are making this coup possible. 

We read the names of people, corporations and criminal organizations that are connected to the Trumps and Robert Mercers administration choices and wonder when will the justice department, FBI, CIA, NSA and Homeland Security round these traitors up, seize their assets and put them in prison until their trials?

The sooner that happens the less damage we will have to repair.

In the meantime, lets continue doing the constructive and entertaining things like preview this new comedy special;