Sunday, November 29, 2015

Melt Down Your Guns

Before You Kill Somebody!

So far this year, Americans with guns have killed over 12,000 of their American neighbors, friends, family, and even themselves. We sure kept them foreigners from killing those 12,000 Americans, didn’t we?

Jet Pic 2.jpg

What ever plan our country has been following for the security and general welfare of its people isn’t the one in the constitution. Helping the NRA to make sure everybody buys guns so we are safe is like using gasoline to put out a fire.

Babe In Roseland.jpg

And the “war on terror”? Everyone who supports our pubescent 8th grader solutions to complex problems needs to turn off the talk radio and 24 hour TV news. The Foxholes who promote violence and hatred should be in jail awaiting trial for aiding and abetting murderers, arsonists, and traitors.

Now, I will tell you why;

None of the people who advocate war and bombing and boots on the ground, or any of those things that have accelerated the fires of war, consider what happens after that. They just listen to others tell them what to think and do.

Hole Look.jpg

To come up with realistic and effective solutions to ISIS, I recommend that everyone, including the president and our generals (if they are literate), read The Playbook that ISIL is following  so we can stop reacting in ways that cause us to defeat ourselves.

The Management of Savagery, (in the playbook) is the method by which they have provoked us to become more savage in our responses until we have become the evil aggressors who are terrorizing the world.

Colorful Combo Rose and Berries.jpg

Here is one solution: Stop what we are doing for ‘security’ at home and around the world and start learning all we can about “The Enemy”. Then we can begin to understand their problems instead of raining more death and destruction on them. (We stupidly expect this strategy will produce good results)

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Day After Thanksgiving

And I am Still...Thankful

Frosty 2.jpg
Frosty Full Moon on the 25th

On the night before Thanksgiving, the full moon was bright in the chilly air

Dinner Saturday 3.jpg
Saturday dinner Nov 21

The week was filled with songs and spectacular images

Oak Tree Robin.jpg
High in an oak tree

Sunday the 22nd was a nice day to take pictures in the afternoon from the cul de sac while conversing with friend and photographer, Margaret.

Wowee Zowee Leaves.jpg
Colorful leaves came to life in the sunlight

Monday was the Treehouse musica-stravaganza-jamboree with Peggy and Phil performing in the dining room. That’s an event I love to attend.

New Favorite.jpg
A light dusting of snow on the hills to the east

It was chilly on Wednesday morning when I went to play and sing at Golden Umbrella. The people there provided a warm welcome and there were smiles all around while I sang and played. A nice way to start the day.

Thanksgiving Shasta 1.jpg
Shasta on Thanksgiving

On my way to Thanksgiving dinner with the Stuart and Sandi Taylor family, I stopped at the top of Hilltop and Lake to take a picture of Mount Shasta from the lot next to the car wash.

Dinner was nice, Amber and the grandkids were there. Austin brought a friend. Her name was Dakota. Of course I asked, “North or south?” (crickets)

Thanksgiving Moon 5.jpg
Thanksgiving moon

Somehow I managed to stay home today even though millions of dollars were spent enticing me to shop the bargains on Black Friday.

Sunshiny Day.jpg
A bright sunny Friday

Today was sunny and bright and I did get over to the shop to play some tunes with John.

I have much to be thankful for. Too many joyful appreciations to fit into one day each year, but it is good to share an annual day of gratitude with all of North America, eh?

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That’s About The Size Of It

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Eureka Way

Where I Found It

It was a day to seek answers or wander to enlightening moments or places.

I was thinking about Whiskeytown Lake and photo opportunities. That would focus my attention on the workings and movements of seasonal changes, and perhaps I would return with images to share.

Obviously what I sought, I would find on Eureka Way. The word play was tantalizing and the answers awaited my participation.

There were many sights to photograph. Too many to post individual images, so I made a slide show. I used the unedited, unprocessed RW2 images because they looked better that the ones I edited, enhanced, and layered to unreproducible complexity.

Watch these 5 minutes of images and be transported to the magical, majestic and mysterious world right here in Redding, somewhere along Eureka Way.

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Wonders Still Await

Friday, November 20, 2015

Chicken Little Contest

Which Politician Will Win?

Isn't She Lovely.jpg
Lovely Treehouse rose

Self righteous, self proclaimed Christian politicians in America are showing their true cowardly lack of faith by adamantly turning against people desperately fleeing from the insanity and horror of rampaging fanatical killer cultists in Syria. Why would our leaders close the door on men, women and children fleeing for their lives? Because these rich influential men are afraid of terrorists.

Sorry, they’re a bit late. Those bootlickers must have skipped history classes and haven’t read the news. We’ve had Christian Terrorists killing school kids, doctors, families, blowing up women’s health clinics, burning churches, and spewing hate on TV, radio and the internet for years.

Thanks to the NRA, and the politicians they own, every wanna be terrorist has the right to buy all the guns they need to carry out whatever crazy murderous notions they might have.

Our own American terrorists have murdered scores more people in America than “foreigners”. Heck, our own police forces shoot 800 or more Americans every year.

And children? 10,000 American children are killed or wounded by guns in America annually. It’s mostly their friends and relatives doing the shooting.

New Home.jpg
Doing some home improvement

“In everything do to others as you would have them do to you”. That is the basic creed of Christianity. I am guessing that doesn’t apply to the pretend Christians that wear American flag lapel pins on their $5,000 suits and denigrate those who aren’t millionaires like them.

Where I Live.jpg
Treehouse ambience

I live here at the Treehouse, along with 60 or so other Seniors who for one reason or another depend on a small, but reliable income from Social Security. We live in well maintained, comfortable, safe housing thanks to HUD rental subsidies.

We have healthcare thanks to Medicare and Medi-Cal, (Medicaid in other states). We don’t live like kings and queens, but if we are frugal, we can eat nutritious food, wear clean clothes, and respect ourselves and our neighbors.

Republicans have stated many times that they want to put an end to HUD, Social Security and Medicare. I guess they think we are senile or crazy because they still expect us to vote for them.

I don’t care how much TV and radio airtime they spend slinging mud at the democrats, at least the democrats aren’t planning to pull the rug out from under us.

Yellow AS IS.jpg
Rambling Treehouse rose

Some of my neighbors and a few people who work here have let TV and radio personalities convince them to vote themselves out of their home, job, income and health care. If they don’t wise up and start supporting democrats, we will all be homeless, jobless, sickly, and penniless.

The lost souls have nearly a year in which to come to their senses, but the sooner we can get them to turn off the the relentless doses of hate, fear and divisiveness the sooner they will regain control of their own hearts and minds.

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Still Much More To Know

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Have You Been Wndering

What is wrong with CBS?

I finally found the debate at, but the questions were poorly constructed attempts to garner soundbite responses. The moderator didn't understand that he wasn't part of the debate.

It was a third rate production with an unimaginative set design and forgettable graphics. Maybe their A team is off working on the upcoming superbowl production and they just halfass slapped this debate thing together?

Treehouse Moon.jpg
Tonight’s moon from the Treehouse parking lot

O'Malley had no answers to the questions so he used his time delivering mouthfuls of his memorized campaign word salad.

Bernie repeated his heartfelt litany of solutions to clearly defined problems, but there was only one person there that truly was cognizant of the complexities of being a competent and dynamic president in this ever changing world we live in...

Hillary named what is and what isn't working in each of several different conflicts around the world that we are engaged in.

Yellow Cleodora.jpg
Yellow tickseed

O’Malley tried to gloss over his lack of knowledge by simply stating, “Iraq is a mess, Syria is a mess, Libya is a mess,...”

He said this right after Hillary explained that the people of Libya participated in a free fair election of a democratic government after Gaddafi was removed, and that for the most part Libya is stable functioning democracy. She went on to add that there are some problems that are unresolved, but they are successfully addressing them.

Hillary kindly explained to Bernie that Jordan is one of our allies in the fight against radical jihadists, after Bernie had grouped Jordan in with dangerous middle eastern conflicts. 

She exhibited restraint and diplomacy with the ill informed moderator and refrained from being condescending while correcting her opponents when necessary. Impressive.  

In Dorothy’s garden

When asked about the the term “radical Islamist's”, Hillary emphasized that painting the Muslim community with broad brush negative terms is not helpful. She said that radical jihadists is a more accurate and acceptable term. (The estimated 30,000 people under Isis, is less than one tenth of one percent of the billion or so Muslims living in the world today)

Bush In Palm.jpg
Treehouse roses in November

It was hard to sit through this bungled opportunity for CBS to produce a fact filled challenging debate between 3 candidates who want us to know why they want to be America’s leader.

I had to say adieu to and went on to pursue more satisfying activities, (like making a pie video for this post).

I will read the transcript and watch video clips of the debate and skip the uninformed answers to clumsily delivered questions. Based on what I saw, no one was in Hillary’s league.

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No War Is Good

Friday, November 13, 2015

What Are The Criteria

For Despicable Acts?

Elegant Daisy Art.jpg
Flowers behind ‘A’ building

Just a couple of hours ago I read reports of a coordinated series of attacks in Paris that resulted in the deaths of more than 130 people. The shooters, were wearing vests that were exploded at the conclusion of their murderous rampage.

Lassen Thurs.jpg
Stitched images of Mount Lassen

Nations around the world showed their support for France in various ways. The city of San Francisco lit up city hall in the French national colors. France and nearby countries such as Belgium closed their borders and beefed up checkpoint security.

Red w Sparkle.jpg
Sparkling droplet colored by red rose

There will be at least a week of stories, articles, and TV news specials about this incident and that is proper for this malicious act of terror. 

(Fox news will figure out a way to blame it on Obama)

Wide Shasta M.jpg
Mount Shasta on Thursday

How many people were killed today in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and other countries? Where is the global sense of outrage against those acts of terror?

Striding Robin.jpg
Robin strides down cement gutter

Maybe those murderous acts don’t count as terrorism because the killers don’t wear vests that explode when they are done.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Something New

With Every New Day

Shastina Shasta Stiched.jpg
Used a new App called PhotoStitcher for this

This morning I read the best definition of “Smart” that I have ever seen.

Perfect Red As Is.jpg
Perfect red in RAW photo without enhancement

If I were the type who could memorise other people’s work, I would use this to answer when people ask me why I am so smart. I have told them, since I was about 4 years old, “I like to learn things”, but the following explanation speaks volumes for me;

““Smart” is a multifaceted cognitive feature composed of excellent analytical skills, possession of an extensive knowledge base that is easily and frequently augmented, possession of a good memory, and being readily curious about the world and willing, even eager, to reject previously accepted notions in the face of new data. Being smart includes having the ability to analyze new data for validity and, thinking creatively, draw new insights from existing common knowledge.” (excerpt from an article in Daily Kos by - neuroguy)

Tue Lassen 6.jpg
Snow on Lassen today

That’s enough information for one post to disseminate, so I will get right to…

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Music Knows No Borders

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I Thought I Knew What I was Doing

I've Been Mistaken

I would like to begin this post with a video that could change your outlook in several wondrous ways. It did mine.

My mind is so busy re-examining life as it is, that for the moment I really haven’t got a clear idea of what more to say or do. I will just post this.

Of Course

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Welcome To November

In Northern California

Looking For A Buzz.jpg
Bee Tests electrical polarity of rose

If the rose is ready, the bee will get a buzz, (a slight shock).

If the flower has been recently visited, it will take a moment to replenish the nectar and electrical charge. More Information

Shasta 10.jpg
Mount Shasta yesterday, Tuesday

The link above for bees and electrical charges, opens to an archived National Geographic article from 2013.

This is significant because Rupert Murdoch took over National Geographic yesterday and fired the writers, photographers and researchers who have been making the natural world come alive for readers of that venerable iconic magazine.

SW Peach Rose.jpg
Treehouse sidewalk rose

It is not likely that you will find scientifically accurate articles appearing in the National Geographic now that the owner is the same guy who created that Climate Denying, Anti-Democracy, Anti-Women, Anti-Obama, Anti-Union, Anti-Science 24 hour a day right wing propaganda beacon of bullshit, Fox news.

Lassen Range 14.jpg
Snow on Mount Lassen National Park

We certainly live in interesting times.

Shasta 2.jpg
Tuesday Shasta

It was a good day on the Dam Road, Tuesday. Our 2 famous volcanoes wore fresh coats of snow, the sky was blue and there were a few decorator clouds.

This minion is a painted fruit! (Image - iPhone 5c)

There were painted pumpkins at the Shasta Lake Family Clinic when I stopped by there on Tuesday. People could vote for their favorite. I voted for the Minion.

Sw Rose 6.jpg
Rose in the Wednesday sunshine

A beautiful Wednesday, too. I didn’t go up to the lake, but I did get this image of Mount Lassen from the Treehouse, earlier this evening;

PM Lassen 3.jpg
Mount Lassen during sunset Wednesday

What a world. A glorious amazing place to experience life.

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This Is Paradise