Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Something New

With Every New Day

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Used a new App called PhotoStitcher for this

This morning I read the best definition of “Smart” that I have ever seen.

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Perfect red in RAW photo without enhancement

If I were the type who could memorise other people’s work, I would use this to answer when people ask me why I am so smart. I have told them, since I was about 4 years old, “I like to learn things”, but the following explanation speaks volumes for me;

““Smart” is a multifaceted cognitive feature composed of excellent analytical skills, possession of an extensive knowledge base that is easily and frequently augmented, possession of a good memory, and being readily curious about the world and willing, even eager, to reject previously accepted notions in the face of new data. Being smart includes having the ability to analyze new data for validity and, thinking creatively, draw new insights from existing common knowledge.” (excerpt from an article in Daily Kos by - neuroguy)

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Snow on Lassen today

That’s enough information for one post to disseminate, so I will get right to…

Today’s Video;

Music Knows No Borders

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