Sunday, November 22, 2015

Eureka Way

Where I Found It

It was a day to seek answers or wander to enlightening moments or places.

I was thinking about Whiskeytown Lake and photo opportunities. That would focus my attention on the workings and movements of seasonal changes, and perhaps I would return with images to share.

Obviously what I sought, I would find on Eureka Way. The word play was tantalizing and the answers awaited my participation.

There were many sights to photograph. Too many to post individual images, so I made a slide show. I used the unedited, unprocessed RW2 images because they looked better that the ones I edited, enhanced, and layered to unreproducible complexity.

Watch these 5 minutes of images and be transported to the magical, majestic and mysterious world right here in Redding, somewhere along Eureka Way.

Today’s Video;

Wonders Still Await


Visit Redding said...

Beautiful photos!

Derral Campbell said...

Ahh. Now I'm relaxed.