Friday, November 20, 2015

Chicken Little Contest

Which Politician Will Win?

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Self righteous, self proclaimed Christian politicians in America are showing their true cowardly lack of faith by adamantly turning against people desperately fleeing from the insanity and horror of rampaging fanatical killer cultists in Syria. Why would our leaders close the door on men, women and children fleeing for their lives? Because these rich influential men are afraid of terrorists.

Sorry, they’re a bit late. Those bootlickers must have skipped history classes and haven’t read the news. We’ve had Christian Terrorists killing school kids, doctors, families, blowing up women’s health clinics, burning churches, and spewing hate on TV, radio and the internet for years.

Thanks to the NRA, and the politicians they own, every wanna be terrorist has the right to buy all the guns they need to carry out whatever crazy murderous notions they might have.

Our own American terrorists have murdered scores more people in America than “foreigners”. Heck, our own police forces shoot 800 or more Americans every year.

And children? 10,000 American children are killed or wounded by guns in America annually. It’s mostly their friends and relatives doing the shooting.

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“In everything do to others as you would have them do to you”. That is the basic creed of Christianity. I am guessing that doesn’t apply to the pretend Christians that wear American flag lapel pins on their $5,000 suits and denigrate those who aren’t millionaires like them.

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I live here at the Treehouse, along with 60 or so other Seniors who for one reason or another depend on a small, but reliable income from Social Security. We live in well maintained, comfortable, safe housing thanks to HUD rental subsidies.

We have healthcare thanks to Medicare and Medi-Cal, (Medicaid in other states). We don’t live like kings and queens, but if we are frugal, we can eat nutritious food, wear clean clothes, and respect ourselves and our neighbors.

Republicans have stated many times that they want to put an end to HUD, Social Security and Medicare. I guess they think we are senile or crazy because they still expect us to vote for them.

I don’t care how much TV and radio airtime they spend slinging mud at the democrats, at least the democrats aren’t planning to pull the rug out from under us.

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Some of my neighbors and a few people who work here have let TV and radio personalities convince them to vote themselves out of their home, job, income and health care. If they don’t wise up and start supporting democrats, we will all be homeless, jobless, sickly, and penniless.

The lost souls have nearly a year in which to come to their senses, but the sooner we can get them to turn off the the relentless doses of hate, fear and divisiveness the sooner they will regain control of their own hearts and minds.

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