Friday, November 27, 2015

Day After Thanksgiving

And I am Still...Thankful

Frosty 2.jpg
Frosty Full Moon on the 25th

On the night before Thanksgiving, the full moon was bright in the chilly air

Dinner Saturday 3.jpg
Saturday dinner Nov 21

The week was filled with songs and spectacular images

Oak Tree Robin.jpg
High in an oak tree

Sunday the 22nd was a nice day to take pictures in the afternoon from the cul de sac while conversing with friend and photographer, Margaret.

Wowee Zowee Leaves.jpg
Colorful leaves came to life in the sunlight

Monday was the Treehouse musica-stravaganza-jamboree with Peggy and Phil performing in the dining room. That’s an event I love to attend.

New Favorite.jpg
A light dusting of snow on the hills to the east

It was chilly on Wednesday morning when I went to play and sing at Golden Umbrella. The people there provided a warm welcome and there were smiles all around while I sang and played. A nice way to start the day.

Thanksgiving Shasta 1.jpg
Shasta on Thanksgiving

On my way to Thanksgiving dinner with the Stuart and Sandi Taylor family, I stopped at the top of Hilltop and Lake to take a picture of Mount Shasta from the lot next to the car wash.

Dinner was nice, Amber and the grandkids were there. Austin brought a friend. Her name was Dakota. Of course I asked, “North or south?” (crickets)

Thanksgiving Moon 5.jpg
Thanksgiving moon

Somehow I managed to stay home today even though millions of dollars were spent enticing me to shop the bargains on Black Friday.

Sunshiny Day.jpg
A bright sunny Friday

Today was sunny and bright and I did get over to the shop to play some tunes with John.

I have much to be thankful for. Too many joyful appreciations to fit into one day each year, but it is good to share an annual day of gratitude with all of North America, eh?

Today’s Video;

That’s About The Size Of It

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