Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Welcome To November

In Northern California

Looking For A Buzz.jpg
Bee Tests electrical polarity of rose

If the rose is ready, the bee will get a buzz, (a slight shock).

If the flower has been recently visited, it will take a moment to replenish the nectar and electrical charge. More Information

Shasta 10.jpg
Mount Shasta yesterday, Tuesday

The link above for bees and electrical charges, opens to an archived National Geographic article from 2013.

This is significant because Rupert Murdoch took over National Geographic yesterday and fired the writers, photographers and researchers who have been making the natural world come alive for readers of that venerable iconic magazine.

SW Peach Rose.jpg
Treehouse sidewalk rose

It is not likely that you will find scientifically accurate articles appearing in the National Geographic now that the owner is the same guy who created that Climate Denying, Anti-Democracy, Anti-Women, Anti-Obama, Anti-Union, Anti-Science 24 hour a day right wing propaganda beacon of bullshit, Fox news.

Lassen Range 14.jpg
Snow on Mount Lassen National Park

We certainly live in interesting times.

Shasta 2.jpg
Tuesday Shasta

It was a good day on the Dam Road, Tuesday. Our 2 famous volcanoes wore fresh coats of snow, the sky was blue and there were a few decorator clouds.

This minion is a painted fruit! (Image - iPhone 5c)

There were painted pumpkins at the Shasta Lake Family Clinic when I stopped by there on Tuesday. People could vote for their favorite. I voted for the Minion.

Sw Rose 6.jpg
Rose in the Wednesday sunshine

A beautiful Wednesday, too. I didn’t go up to the lake, but I did get this image of Mount Lassen from the Treehouse, earlier this evening;

PM Lassen 3.jpg
Mount Lassen during sunset Wednesday

What a world. A glorious amazing place to experience life.

Today’s Video;

This Is Paradise

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