Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women Tell It Like It Is

Marching Around The World

So many great speeches, marches and rallying by wonderful women all around the world today. Saturday January 21st

Some marches had such large turnouts that the parade route was packed with demonstrators from start to finish. Side streets and assembly areas were overflowing with women, children and men who share their concerns.

This left no room for marching and left no doubt about the level of commitment to stopping the attacks on progress by those white men who want to be the bosses.

The Trump bunch, seeing that the women’s march had a significantly larger turnout than the petulant president’s inauguration, is franticly broadcasting a denial of reality on the usual republican media outlets. Sad.

Gloria Steinem made a lot of poignant statements in her speech

I have neglected my duties as a blogger lately, so allow me to present a little video of the snow we had here in Redding earlier this month. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it.

Today’s Happy Phil Video;