Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Egg Nest Hunt

Easter Nest Egg Hunt

I just discovered, unearthed, exposed, de-nested a feature in Google Docs after 9 years of using Docs to write first drafts for Phil’s Place. (I only have to type the title once) Will wonders ever cease.

Speaking of wonders; Are you wondering what to do tomorrow, the day before Easter?

Well, wonder no more. There are marches scheduled for April 15th all over the United States regarding taxes.

As you may know, taxes are the price of civilized society. Taxes are used to fund our infrastructure. To promote art and science. To keep our water safe, our air breathable, our highways smooth. To keep our people healthy and educated.

Today, most of our taxes are being redirected to fund an out of control military, industrial complex. But that is not what marchers will be demanding tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s marching is about a guy who has been hiding his tax returns from citizens, even though he was elected president by nearly 20% of America.

What is he hiding and why is it important?

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Happy Easter
“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. (John 13:34)”

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Conflict Attracts Energy

More Energy Leads To More Power

This is my take on how Donald Trump uses the Soap Opera method to maintain a devoted following as stated in an article by Jocelyn Seagrave.


I recommend that you read the article The Soap Opera Star’s Guide To Donald Trump to get a more complete grasp of the bizarre behavior of our Liar in Chief.

Chain link fence flowers

Those crazy tweets and weird behaviors are features, not bugs. His Twitter rants are like supermarket tabloid headlines that test your incredulity and stick in your brain.

Clouds obfuscate Mount Lassen

The more outrageous the accusations the greater the conflict. The greater the conflict, the more energy it attracts and that energy becomes more power for the unscrupulous bankruptcy king.

Magnolia blossoms along the driveway

The other benefit of those seemingly insane outbursts by Mr Trump is how he has been able to divert attention away from his financial ties and transactions with foreign countries.

It seems that investigations into Trump and his Russian bank loans have begun. That’s a good start. This soap opera is about to get really interesting. Stay tuned for a series of exciting episodes brought to you by dedicated teams of independent investigators.

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Breathe Out - Breathe In (repeat)

Monday, February 27, 2017


Fallacies Replacing Facts

Brandy Creek Marina Prime.jpeg 
Whiskeytown Lake from Brandy Creek Marina

I live in a small California town where too many people have been watching Fox news and listening to Talk Radio for at least 20 uninterrupted years.

I live here because it is in a breathtakingly beautiful and sparsely populated part of the most progressive state in America. I love this place and I love those people, plants and animals who love living here, too.

Paired Geese.jpeg
A pair of mated geese at Whiskeytown Lake

I worry about the cognitive damage to people being subjected to long term toxic messaging. After so many years of right-wing propaganda, they become distressed if they don’t get their fix of TALK, FOX, Coast to Coast or CNN day and night.

DSC_7579.jpgRushing water in Brandy Creek

After 20 years of conditioning, they are susceptible to fact-free right-wing rhetoric and reports of fallacious terrorist attacks all over America.

DSC_7584.jpgShasta Bally snow

To prevent hoards of Trump’s fantasy foreign born rapists, murderers and vegetable pickers from pouring in over the borders, the FOX faithful are willing to give up any of our freedoms and constitutional rights as long as it harms the ‘bad dudes’ more than themselves.

DSC_7594.jpgPicnic table at Brandy Creek Marina

Playing on the selfishness, greed and ignorance that right-wing media cultivated in their faithful fans, the corporate elite have easily managed to insert themselves into positions of power in our government.

DSC_7574.jpgBrandy Creek

We now have a psychopathic, neurotic, narcissist son of a real estate tycoon in the White House to whom the brain-numbed right-wing republican supporters will listen and obey.

DSC_7597.jpgRain soaked hills by Whiskeytown Lake

The American presidency is currently in the clutches of a Bircher, Libertarian, Christian-Alt-Right billionaire couple and their political influence organization. The FBI and Russia have also been implicated in election tampering to slide Trump into the White House.

These are interesting times, to put it mildly.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Happy Anniversary

Happy Birthday Ex Wife #3

How clever of us to choose our wedding day on her birthday. That way I would never forget it, even after our divorce in 1988-9.

Coincidentally it is also the birthday of one of my kids by Ex Wife #1

What ever will B will B, as the song says.

 My father took the whole family on a car trip in the 1950's to see what a wonderful state we lived in. One of the wonders we visited was Lassen Park.

Wives 2, 3, and 4 visited Mt Lassen with me through the years and now I live nearby. 

I am not sure what that means or if it means anything in the grand scheme of things?

I am told that the above flowers are called "Paperwhites". I know it is a narcissus and that it is the flower for December and it is called a paperwhite because it resembles snow. 

I was hoping for a more exciting/revealing answer when Googled it.

If you are in Redding, you can see this Mount Shasta vista near the intersection of College and Shasta View.

The first time I ever set foot on Lassen was in the 1970's when skiing at the old ski area.

I think this concludes today's Happy Anniversary/ Happy Birthday's blog entry. I usually end with a video, but I usually write in Google Docs and paste to Blogger instead of writing and editing actually using Blogger.

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Happy Birthdaverrsary


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women Tell It Like It Is

Marching Around The World

So many great speeches, marches and rallying by wonderful women all around the world today. Saturday January 21st

Some marches had such large turnouts that the parade route was packed with demonstrators from start to finish. Side streets and assembly areas were overflowing with women, children and men who share their concerns.

This left no room for marching and left no doubt about the level of commitment to stopping the attacks on progress by those white men who want to be the bosses.

The Trump bunch, seeing that the women’s march had a significantly larger turnout than the petulant president’s inauguration, is franticly broadcasting a denial of reality on the usual republican media outlets. Sad.

Gloria Steinem made a lot of poignant statements in her speech

I have neglected my duties as a blogger lately, so allow me to present a little video of the snow we had here in Redding earlier this month. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it.

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