Thursday, June 8, 2017

They Have No Shame

They Have No Shame

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I am so glad that Pink Slime is available for the poor. God knows the rich aren’t about to eat that crap.


Flowers are blooming enthusiastically here in Redding this June. Maybe the cooler temperatures like we had today will slow the process.


Cactus flowers are among the colorful displays being used to attract pollinators to participate in plant proliferation. With long hot summer days the cacti and succulents have been especially active, here at the Treehouse.


Some of us in Redding are particularly happy that we got to wear long sleeve shirts and light jackets today. The temps were in the mid 50’s. (That is normal for some Bay Area cities like Richmond.) A cool summer day is a pleasant novelty.


I am glad to see that Jeremy Corbyn is making a good showing in the British election results. He is one of the few leaders that understands the relationship between recent terrorist attacks in England and Britain's involvement in America’s mid-east wars;

“If you continuously bomb people’s homes and country, the survivors will eventually retaliate in some way.”


Part of Jeremy Corbyn’s appeal is his plan to discontinue British participation in America’s endless wars.


In America, we could eliminate poverty, hunger and homelessness with just a fraction of the money we waste blowing up people and places around the world.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Watch today’s video:

Embrace the beatitudes to achieve parity

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