Sunday, November 29, 2015

Melt Down Your Guns

Before You Kill Somebody!

So far this year, Americans with guns have killed over 12,000 of their American neighbors, friends, family, and even themselves. We sure kept them foreigners from killing those 12,000 Americans, didn’t we?

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What ever plan our country has been following for the security and general welfare of its people isn’t the one in the constitution. Helping the NRA to make sure everybody buys guns so we are safe is like using gasoline to put out a fire.

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And the “war on terror”? Everyone who supports our pubescent 8th grader solutions to complex problems needs to turn off the talk radio and 24 hour TV news. The Foxholes who promote violence and hatred should be in jail awaiting trial for aiding and abetting murderers, arsonists, and traitors.

Now, I will tell you why;

None of the people who advocate war and bombing and boots on the ground, or any of those things that have accelerated the fires of war, consider what happens after that. They just listen to others tell them what to think and do.

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To come up with realistic and effective solutions to ISIS, I recommend that everyone, including the president and our generals (if they are literate), read The Playbook that ISIL is following  so we can stop reacting in ways that cause us to defeat ourselves.

The Management of Savagery, (in the playbook) is the method by which they have provoked us to become more savage in our responses until we have become the evil aggressors who are terrorizing the world.

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Here is one solution: Stop what we are doing for ‘security’ at home and around the world and start learning all we can about “The Enemy”. Then we can begin to understand their problems instead of raining more death and destruction on them. (We stupidly expect this strategy will produce good results)

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