Sunday, November 15, 2015

Have You Been Wndering

What is wrong with CBS?

I finally found the debate at, but the questions were poorly constructed attempts to garner soundbite responses. The moderator didn't understand that he wasn't part of the debate.

It was a third rate production with an unimaginative set design and forgettable graphics. Maybe their A team is off working on the upcoming superbowl production and they just halfass slapped this debate thing together?

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Tonight’s moon from the Treehouse parking lot

O'Malley had no answers to the questions so he used his time delivering mouthfuls of his memorized campaign word salad.

Bernie repeated his heartfelt litany of solutions to clearly defined problems, but there was only one person there that truly was cognizant of the complexities of being a competent and dynamic president in this ever changing world we live in...

Hillary named what is and what isn't working in each of several different conflicts around the world that we are engaged in.

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Yellow tickseed

O’Malley tried to gloss over his lack of knowledge by simply stating, “Iraq is a mess, Syria is a mess, Libya is a mess,...”

He said this right after Hillary explained that the people of Libya participated in a free fair election of a democratic government after Gaddafi was removed, and that for the most part Libya is stable functioning democracy. She went on to add that there are some problems that are unresolved, but they are successfully addressing them.

Hillary kindly explained to Bernie that Jordan is one of our allies in the fight against radical jihadists, after Bernie had grouped Jordan in with dangerous middle eastern conflicts. 

She exhibited restraint and diplomacy with the ill informed moderator and refrained from being condescending while correcting her opponents when necessary. Impressive.  

In Dorothy’s garden

When asked about the the term “radical Islamist's”, Hillary emphasized that painting the Muslim community with broad brush negative terms is not helpful. She said that radical jihadists is a more accurate and acceptable term. (The estimated 30,000 people under Isis, is less than one tenth of one percent of the billion or so Muslims living in the world today)

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Treehouse roses in November

It was hard to sit through this bungled opportunity for CBS to produce a fact filled challenging debate between 3 candidates who want us to know why they want to be America’s leader.

I had to say adieu to and went on to pursue more satisfying activities, (like making a pie video for this post).

I will read the transcript and watch video clips of the debate and skip the uninformed answers to clumsily delivered questions. Based on what I saw, no one was in Hillary’s league.

Today’s Video;

No War Is Good

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