Friday, November 13, 2015

What Are The Criteria

For Despicable Acts?

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Flowers behind ‘A’ building

Just a couple of hours ago I read reports of a coordinated series of attacks in Paris that resulted in the deaths of more than 130 people. The shooters, were wearing vests that were exploded at the conclusion of their murderous rampage.

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Stitched images of Mount Lassen

Nations around the world showed their support for France in various ways. The city of San Francisco lit up city hall in the French national colors. France and nearby countries such as Belgium closed their borders and beefed up checkpoint security.

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Sparkling droplet colored by red rose

There will be at least a week of stories, articles, and TV news specials about this incident and that is proper for this malicious act of terror. 

(Fox news will figure out a way to blame it on Obama)

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Mount Shasta on Thursday

How many people were killed today in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and other countries? Where is the global sense of outrage against those acts of terror?

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Robin strides down cement gutter

Maybe those murderous acts don’t count as terrorism because the killers don’t wear vests that explode when they are done.

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