Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Fall Folly

Springs Forth

October at Caldwell Park.jpg
Caldwell Park

Do I only change a few, or do I change them all?

Shasta Thursday too.jpg
Mount Shasta

This question arises every spring and fall

Happy Red Rose.jpg
Happy red rose

Should we even bother? What purpose does it serve?

View From A Bridge.jpg
View from a bridge

Do we have the nerve to leave the clocks alone?

Apricot and Green.jpg
Apricot rose in world of green

Studies have shown, no daylight is being saved by turning clocks to and fro

Birdseye View.jpg
Birdseye view of Mount Lassen

This one’s too fast and that one’s too slow...just set them once and let them go

Rose With Friend.jpg
Rose with little friend

I think I will leave some clocks unchanged so they'll be set for spring

Okay then...that takes care of everything (tonight)...Happy Halloween

Or, All Saints Day (depending on what time it is)

Today’s Video; (Timely Song)

Time To Unwind

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