Sunday, October 4, 2015

Another Day

And That’s A Good Thing

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Pretty pink

Once I realized that El Capitan made my MacBook Pro look and act like some Windows laptop, I wanted it off of my Apple device. I tried some of the traditional ways, like erase the hard drive and install a more Apple like operating system. Like Mountain Lion, perhaps.

That wasn’t going to happen. El Capitan is like dog poo on your shoe. It stinks and doesn’t want to be removed easily. After reading that it really is designed to cling to the hard drive like a rabid badger, I realized that I had already created the solution.

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Seen by the sign

I had a previous version of Yosemite 10.10.2 on a 1TB hard drive. I stopped at 10.10.2 because it was the last version that I could keep iPhoto. I am so glad I did that. One of my bigger gripes about the new and improved, (cough,cough), OS X was to replace iPhoto with an unusable pile of confusion called Photos. It takes three steps to accomplish what iPhoto can do in one.

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Towers on the hill

Anyway, I only had to swap out my hard drives. I made a timelapse to show how easy this is compared to the over complicated methods the computer geeks on line were doing with mixed results. So, I bring you “Quick Removal Of El Capitan”

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