Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fewer TV Debates, Please

2 Or 3 Are Plenty

After The Showers.jpg
After A Shower

Here in Redding, we have been enjoying occasional rain showers, cool nights and pleasant sunny days in the 83 - 93 F range.

Bee Happy.jpg
Bee happy

For the past 7 years, I have been observing and reporting how lucky I am to be living here. The rest of the world, including the U.S., have been experiencing crazy weather, year round.

Treehouse Red And Bud.jpg
Young and mature Treehouse roses

Hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, floods, and extreme drought are in the news daily. Add to that, the occasional cold snap and crop failures due to rising global temperatures, and a we can see that the world is experiencing increasingly oppressive weather.

Yellow Darling.jpg
Drying in the sun

In general, because Redding is known to be hot most of the year, we haven’t noticed that our average temperatures have been steadily rising, breaking records year after year.

We haven’t had a real winter since 2008.

Breakfast Of Phil's.jpg
iPhone pic of my usual breakfast

Another thing we don’t experience here in Redding, is having our homes, schools, businesses, family and friends blown up by U.S. manufactured drones, bombs, military aircraft, rockets, and grenades.

There are people all around the world on the receiving end of the free enterprise system that allows American Defense Contractors to sell their weaponry to anyone in the world if they have the money.

We need to reinstate the laws and regulations that prohibit such immoral business practices.

Land Of Pumpkin Berries.jpg
Tiny pumpkin-berries on the bush

With the exception of Fox news and possibly CNN, most U.S. polls are showing Hillary Clinton is expected to win the 2016 presidential election. 75% of democrats and a surprising 2/3rds of republicans think Hillary will be our next president. That is great news for our country and the world.

Head In The Clouds.jpg
Reaching for the sky

If we want to save democracy in America, we have to wrest control of our country out of the gnarled, wrinkled claws of the plutocratic billionaires who own the republicans on school boards and some members of the U.S. supreme court. They also own and control many public offices in towns, cities, counties, and states throughout America.

We need to overthrow the 1% oligarchy. They have clearly become the greatest threat to American democracy in our nation’s history. 

Vote for democrats and get the corrupted republicans out of all our government offices.

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