Friday, October 2, 2015

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Harvest Blood Moon Collage.jpg
Harvest Moon and Total Eclipse 2015

I got some good pictures of the Harvest Moon eclipse and on the same night, the full Harvest Moon. That was fun.

Some of the Treehouse residents were outside gazing at the eclipse of the blood moon. It was a bit hard to see with the naked eye because of the smoke across the valley, but it looked really good on the Lumix FZ70 camera LCD display.

Steaming Pile Of Ducks K.jpgFun Falling Ducks C.jpg
Ducky drop from Lake Redding bridge

It was Rubber Ducky Derby Day following the night of the eclipse. Can you see my duck? It is number 02731. It didn’t win. At least no one has called or emailed me saying that I won.

I watched the race, (a future video is currently under construction), but didn’t stay for the announcements telling who won. I am sure some people won the prizes. I don’t think the ducks were allowed to buy tickets.

Leila's Magic Shamrock.jpg
Leila’s Magic Shamrock

There are always flowers of some sort to photograph here at the Treehouse. Sometimes I like to encourage the images to express the way that I imagine they see themselves.

Other times, like the rose below, I find the unenhanced RAW image tenderly touches my heart without any makeup.

Raw Rose 1.jpg
RW2 image from Panasonic Lumix FZ70 converted to JPEG

Okay, I’ve almost caught up to now. This is now, but it will also be then when you or I read this later. Oh, come on now. Okay, come on then. Who knew that living in the now could be so confusing?

Aged Beauty.jpg
Beautiful mature lavender

Rumor has it that the Republicans most likely choice for the next Speaker of the House will be a trained parrot that continuously squawks, “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!!!”

Look Snow.jpg
A snow topping on Mount Shasta

It was a nice surprise to see that the little rain event we had midweek left a trace of snow on 14,000 foot Mount Shasta above 9,000 feet or so.

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