Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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It’s The Capitalist Mantra

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Pink patio rose

The first person who stated; “The best defense is a good offence” was most likely a weapons salesman.

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The last time I checked, we have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the earth 45 times over. How absurd is it to demand that we need more? Do these people not understand that once the earth is destroyed they can’t destroy it another 44 times?

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Strange bug on beautiful rose

Oil companies have pillaged our United States petroleum resources so efficiently that they think they need to sell it to other countries. Instead, shouldn’t that mean we should stop fracking at this point?

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Ready to fly away rose

We have enough oil now to give us time to develop into a fossil fuel free nation?

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Touch of pink on tiny driveway rose

Reasonable behavior is not the way of unfettered capitalism. During last night's democratic party debate, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton stated clearly that out of control capitalism is doing harm to the American people as well as the rest of the world.

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Yellow with matching beetle

As for who won the first of 6 Democrat debates; I think the American people won. We got to see experienced, mentally balanced, competent legislators who are eminently qualified to be president.

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