Thursday, October 15, 2015

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Raw Red Bud.jpg
From an unenhanced RW2 image

When the light is just right and the photographer and subject are at the optimum angles, a good lens and the camera’s sensor is all one needs to capture the magic of the world we live in.

Raw Pink.jpg
Afternoon pink patio rose

Cameras with manual setting controls let you select whether you want images compressed and enhanced or not. RAW images are comprised of plain data collected by the sensor. TIFF images are lightly compressed and JPEG images are processed by the camera computer to produce a compressed, finished image.

Nice Rose.jpg
Bright sun rose against shady background

RAW images are like old film cameras and JPEG images take advantage of in camera digital processing. Both methods are invaluable and useful. Some cameras have a setting that provides both RAW and JPEG versions of each shot. I prefer just RAW, or in the case of the LUMIX FZ70, RW2 images.

Velvet Patio Red.jpg
Enhanced RW2 rose

I prefer the RAW images when doing post production or enhancement. The JPEG images have a pattern and artifacts, so when they are enhanced or edited the pattern and artifacts are enhanced, too. This can make the image a bit ‘messy’. Sometimes that is good, like the rosebud below;

Patio Red Bud.jpg
Enhanced JPEG image

The image is fine and the rose looks velvety and soft, but I can tell it is a JPEG image that has been edited.

Sometimes, I like to over enhance and process an image repeatedly until it attains its potential. A hazy and weak low contrast landscape can sometimes be turned into a piece of art.


This Lassen picture was a vague shadow in low contrast haze until I used repeated layers of midrange contrast, micro structure enhancement, temp and tint adjustments and a yellow filter. Now I can see detail, features, clouds, a story and personality.

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