Saturday, October 24, 2015

Observe And Report

Seems To Be My Purpose

Contrail and crow

Talking with a neighbor about an hour ago about the pre sunset golden hour for photography that gives life to flowers and grants brief moments of magic to to certain subjects during that time.

Alive with color and substance

He said that on some mornings there are impressive contrails, or chemtrails as people call them nowadays.

I replied with my usual excessive information regarding aerodynamics, combined thermal and molecular reactions at high altitudes and how that creates condensation of aircraft exhaust to produce the “contrails” that we can see.

Lassen Fun.jpg
Mount Lassen from the Treehouse

But I couldn’t stop with just the explanation of basic physics, (Hot exhaust reacting to atmospheric temperatures producing ice crystals at high altitude).

I felt it important to point out that only a willfully ignorant person would choose to believe fanciful false information conspiracies like “chemtrails”.

Fleshy Rose Bud.jpg
Fleshy driveway rose

However, I did suggest that should he encounter a woman who happened to believe that there are such things as chemtrails, agree with her, and he just might ‘get lucky’.

This brought levity and laughter to all who were there and we parted ways with smiles and happy hearts.

Ready to fly

In Other News

I was just getting into the habit of watching Stephen Colbert on the Late Show and then he went on vacation. That show was my excuse to turn on the TV in the bedroom. I enjoyed watching his very clever monologues and his first sketch before turning it off and reading a book or two.

Is this magenta or mauve?

When I have time, I try to watch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. It is on Comedy Central and available to watch anytime day or night on the internet. He has done a first class job of replacing Jon Stewart.

Mauve or magenta.jpg
Also, mauve or magenta?

I get the latest news from at least a dozen sources around the world while sipping a couple cups of coffee each morning. I also read the email reports from news and information sources that I subscribe to.

This gives me a fairly good picture of what is going on around the world, and here in our little town of Redding.

Driveway Dancer.jpg
Driveway ballerina

Feeling partially informed, I break my fast with cereal or eggs while reading whatever books I have selected for mealtime enjoyment. Following food, it’s time to read the few more emails that arrived while I was eating. If they require action, I complete those tasks and replies.

Red Bud Alone.jpg
Start of new notecard

After sufficient sustenance for body and brain it is time to greet the new day, or afternoon depending on what time I got to sleep.

Life is good.

Today’s Relative Video;

Enjoying Life’s Mysteries

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