Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Little Planet

A Bedtime Story

Sunset 1.jpg
October 10 sunset

In the beginning the Gods/God made a marvelous clock that some call the universe. Designed to last for a long time, they could see that it was working as planned. Every piece intricately connected, balanced, and functionally necessary for its operation.

Even a little planet in one of the solar systems, in a galaxy among billions of galaxies was finely balanced and important to the smooth operation of the cosmic clockworks.

Sunset 5.jpg
October 10 sunset clouds

On that little world there was water, breathable air, abundant plants, and animals living in an order of natural development and harmony. The God/Gods could see that it was good, so they moved on and left the whole self-winding universe ticking smoothly.

All was well on the little planet until one of the experimental animals began to reproduce at an alarming rate, disrupting the balanced clockwork movements around them with their voracious appetites.

Sunset 9.jpg
October 10 sunset clouds

Eventually, the little planet began to fail. It no longer could support life in some sectors because the global infestation of that mutant species altered or inadvertently damaged those regions of the planet when they extracted parts of the clockworks and used them for other things.

If the Gods/God had ever considered going back and checking that particular clock they created, they would recognize it as a failed experiment. Then they might shrug and go on with the creation of new marvels.

Sunset 11.jpg
October 10 sunset

Thanks to that one small unbalanced part of the mechanism, eventually the clock will stop and what we call the universe will simply wink out of existence as though it never was.  

Good night dear... Sweet dreams.

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