Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hunters Moon

Sort Of

Harvest Moon Rising.jpg
Hunters moon rising Monday

I took pix and video on Monday just in case it got cloudy for the Tuesday moonrise. It did get cloudy, but fortunately I got the pictures needed to show the Hunters Moon.

Bee Red Rose 3.jpg
Bee and rose

Monday was a good day for pictures, and music at the Treehouse. It was nice to have Peggy back on the piano. Playing solo is okay, but I like what Peggy and I have come up with for our Treehouse repertoire.

Pink speaks.jpg
Pink with blue sky

Tuesday I played and sang for the nice folks at Golden Umbrella. I do a solo act there, but the repertoire is different. More 50’s and 60’s rock and roll. That’s fun, too.

Tiny B Fly.jpg
Tiny butterfly and Lion’s Tooth

It was Wednesday before I had a chance to cobble together a presentable video of the moonrise pix and clips. I ran into 2 obstacles in the way of production.

One; The DSL service was out all over the northstate so I didn’t have the world at my fingertips to get Apps, upload video, or download video software updates.

Two; In their greedy haste to sell more computers, iPhones and other devices, Apple had managed to damage the older (better) version of iMovie and I couldn’t put Titles or Credits on the moonrise video. The program would just crash when I tried to open the Titles function.

Spacy Moon-improved.jpg
Just fooling around

Not having internet access meant doing the best I could with what I had. I figured out a work around and managed to produce a moon video with music. Just no titles.

The problem with the DSL internet service was repaired and this morning I updated iMovie to the latest version so I could add titles and credits.

I will do a full review of iMovie 10.1 in a future blog, but let me just say that Apple has once again let people with no production experience redesign a functional application into something that does not lend itself to efficiency, ease of use, or accurate adjustments. They have left off important controls and thoroughly ‘fouled-up’ a formerly good video editor.

I used it this morning to redo the moonrise video with titles. The lack of important functions and features resulted in a video with substandard graphic placements and childishly primitive edits but it at least it has titles. However, when uploading to YouTube, the new titled version was nowhere to be found. The earlier "title-less" version was all I could locate, and is what you will get to see below...Enjoy

Today’s Video;

Close Enough

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