Monday, November 12, 2012

Living Each Moment

With Happy Appreciation

Plum faerie; A tiny, mischievous, fanciful being that leaves plums at your door.

What a nice surprise. Every so often, tasty, food items are left at my door. They bring the glow of happiness and a buoyancy of spirit into my world. This latest delight, must have been delivered by the plum faerie.


It looks like we may get a winter in Redding, this year. The temperatures are dropping and there is rain in the forecast.

I guess I will have to find, or invent some sort of protection from the elements to keep my cameras dry while I continue my discoveries and chronicles of this earthly paradise we share.

I played and sang for over an hour at the Sunday Blues Jam, last night. John Harrison played guitar, Mike Watson played bass, Sarah Papenheim played drums, and a couple of other musicians sat in on a song or two. It was fun.

I recorded the jam with the FIRe 2 Field Recorder App on the iPod Touch. After I got home, I transferred the data to the MacBook and listened to part of what we did. It sounds rather pleasant, if I do say so. (There might be a song I can share from it, here, in a future post.)

May you find happiness at your door, and in your heart.

Today’s Fanciful Video;

All Things Are Possible

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