Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rain Is Forecast

Flood Warnings Have Been Posted

Once again, the day begins with a good breakfast. Some mornings, the breakfast looks so good, I just have to take a photograph. Just like snowflakes, the basic elements are essentially the same in each image, but no two are exactly alike.

Outside at the Treehouse, fall colors were startling in their intensity, inspite of cloud muted sunlight. I took plenty of pictures so I would have bright colorful images to play with during the expected days of rain.

The falling leaves have become an integral, complementary, part of my November compositions. This one stuck on the rear, passenger window points toward more mysterious chipping of the new paint on the Buick. I really need to go get some touch up paint at the auto paint mixer place, one of these days. I also think I should set up a motion activated camera to see just what is causing the chipping.

There were too many really good pictures from today to all fit individually on this post, so,  once again, I have taken advantage of the technology that allows me to embed a little slide show. If you wish, you can expand the slides to full page, or even follow the link to the web album and examine the images more closely.

The pictures on today’s post, are samples from the Picasa slideshow. I think they illustrate just how striking the colors, textures, and dimensions appear in todays photos.

There will be a full moon on the 28th. The above image was taken on the night of the 26th. I am writing this post on the night of the 27th, but as I look at the time, it is actually the morning of the 28th. Somehow, when I write blogposts, songs, or stories, time becomes stretched, (or contracted), and is altered beyond the linear constraints.

Life is fascinating.

Today’s Video Selection;

Misty Morning from Ben on">Vimeo

Nice Place We’ve Got Here

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