Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pleasant Quandry

Choosing From Good Pix

I am faced with the nicest executive decisions; Which five, or six, pictures will best illustrate the feel, and thoughts in each particular blog post?

Sometimes a picture is the thought, and needs no additional support.

Last Saturday, this was the view I woke up to.

Naturally, I was drawn to the sunny, colorful, photo opportunities.

I was not disappointed. I think every day delivers to those who correspond, but Saturday was a bonanza. My in-box overflowed with affirmations of life’s joy and wonder.

This tree has been an eye catching feature, every day this fall.

You may have noticed, by now, that I haven’t used any of the pictures from the slide show. Some of the subjects are familiar, but from a different day. I ran across these pictures that wanted a place in tonight’s post, and who am I to deny them their moment in the spotlight?

The trees on the distant hills caught the sunlight just right to show off their colorful fall couture. Pretty red and gold leaves shown from miles away.

Today’s Video;

Enchanted Place We’ve Got Here

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