Saturday, December 1, 2012

Always Room For More


I know some people who seek further enlightenment, as do I, and it is nice to share our adventures and compare observations. With them, I can converse in philosophical terms.

When I saw Bill at John’s violin shop today, he asked how my world was.

I answered, “The cosmos is in harmonious balance.”

He responded, “The cosmos is always in perfect balance and harmony.”

Of course, he is right. To think that the cosmos is out of whack, would be the result of faulty perception. The cosmos remains harmonious. Any discord resides in skewed observations.

Some people have remarked that it is easy for me to have this lofty, enlightened, point of view because my life is ‘easy’. I agree. I love my life. It is easy. I wake up each morning and thank God for this remarkable, grand, and wondrous, experience we call life.

I freely admit that I no longer blame someone else when I don’t like the way I might perceive something. When I wasn’t yet my own person, I would find ways to blame something, or someone else, if I stubbed my toe; “Who left that chair turned like that?”

Just doing something as simple as not affixing blame to every bump in the road, clears away the clouds so I can see the rough spots as part of the texture in life's landscape.

We can smooth some of the bumps in the road, and certainly should feel obligated to do so if we have the means and capacity. I think that protecting the environment from our own destructive actions is possible. To that end, I am active in several movements to stop the mining, drilling, transporting, and burning of fossil fuels. I love this place, and contrary to the Fox News campaign of climate change misinformation, our human activities are having a deleterious effect on earth's environment. We can stop trashing this place.

Photo credit - Sandi Taylor

This little ¾ size guitar looks like a big ukulele in the picture, (above). It plays well, though. It is a pink, girls guitar that was over at Sandi and Stuart’s when I was there for Thanksgiving dinner. I used it to play and sing songs with the Taylor grandkids. We expressed harmonious energy.

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Up With Solar Power

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