Sunday, December 23, 2012

Great Discoveries

Happening Now

WMAP image of the universe when only 375,000 years old

“The data from WMAP revealed a much more precise estimate for the age of the universe — 13.7 billion years — and confirmed that about 95 percent of it is composed of mind-boggling stuff called dark matter and dark energy. WMAP data also helped scientists nail down the curvature of space to within 0.4 percent of "flat," and pinpoint the time when the universe began to emerge from the cosmic dark ages (about 400 million years after the Big Bang.)”
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Telemarketer Companies Make Money

The latest in a century of rediscovering that people should not give money to organizations over the phone. Is anyone surprised that the Tea Party Patriots get duped, repeatedly?

This snippet from a Mother Jones article;

“Tea Party Patriots, one of the largest grassroots tea party organizations to have come out of the movement, collected nearly $2 million in donations through telemarketers. Just $54,000 of that—less than 5 percent—went back to the organization. The telemarketers kept the rest.”

Landsat 5 Views Of Earth

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Beautiful Images Of Places On Earth

Landsat 5 is ending its 29 year mission in space. Wired magazine offers this slide show of some spectacular views of our planet. See it at Wired

Santa Is Coming

Link to NORAD Tracks Santa

15 minute Sun Break

Rain and snow have been paying a visit to Redding this Yuletide season. On Saturday, there was a hole in the storms that let the sunshine in. By the time I got outside, I was told I had just missed the rainbow. I did get a chance to take some nice sparkling raindrops on flowers pictures, and I felt fortunate to have been able to see such delightful eye candy.

The 21st of December marked five years since I moved into this nice little apartment, here at the Treehouse. I like the people who live here, and those who work here, too. It is a happy place with lots of smiles and kind words.

The non-human residents are fun to be with, too.

There are still three days of Christmas songs to be played and sung before I put them to the back of my repertoire cabinet, until next year. I enjoy singing them.

I am glad that so many of the things I do, are a pleasure. One of the reasons that my lifes activities bring joy, is that I choose to avoid doing things that might have a negative impact. Another factor is appreciating the gift of being able to spend this lifespan being me.

Being conscious of being part of this universe is a wonderful experience. Every moment is a unique opportunity to experience life as a human. Everyone of us has the starring role in the greatest show on earth. I love this place.

Today’s Cool Video;

One Day on Earth: Cold Engadin Time Lapse Night from Alessandro Della Bella on">Vimeo

Baby It’s Cold Outside

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