Friday, December 21, 2012

Doomsday Comes And Goes

And I Get New Slippers

My pant legs and socks really aren’t different colors when photographed in the same light, but the shadow of the lunch counter fell on the right foot and pants leg. The left is lit by the kitchen light and the other was lit by ambient light in the ‘living room’.

So, I got new slippers, some photo paper, and a Shopko gift card in a brightly colored, Christmas gift bag from Golden Umbrella. Thank you. I wasn’t the only person that was gifted by Golden Umbrella Santa; Everybody at the Treehouse Senior Apartments got presents.

I like my new slippers. They keep my feet warm while the temperature is in the 30’s and 40’s, here in Redding.

When I got up, this doomsday, I couldn’t quite read my thermometer, but I think it’s pointing to 41. I could have wiped off the snow, but that wouldn't be as much fun.

I did clear the snow off the windows of the Buick before driving to John’s shop and the bank, today. Even on doomsday, one must keep a vigilant lookout for erratic drivers who are distracted by visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.

The driveway roses managed to survive ‘end times’ without any teeth gnashing, (of course they don’t have teeth, unless thorns are an acceptable substitute). Their colorful blossoms are a cheerful sight above the snow on the ground.

How many doomsday, end times events have failed to destroy life on earth? Thousands!

Here is a short list of hundreds of doomsdays, predicted by well wishers throughout the ages; doomsday predictions

Building B, or at least this image of the front entrance taken from my balcony, looked warm and inviting with snow falling, and a cheerful Christmas tree beckoning me to come in out of the cold. Of course I would have to buzz someone in the building to open the door and let me in. My ‘A’ building, magic key fob doesn’t work on B building doors.

Just in from the cold, and not obliterated by the end times, I pose next to one of my photographs that was suitable for framing. The door is to the cloakroom, where hat, scarf, and jacket will wait patiently, until they are once again keeping me warm while we adventure in cold weather.

I am somewhat befuddled, and slightly dismayed, to read about the scores, (sometimes thousands), of confused, illiterate people that get swept up in these perpetual predictions for doomsday.

12-21-12 has been co opted by a conglomerate of enders. At first, it was mistakenly thought that because the Mayan long count calendar comes to an end, that the world will end on that day, (For some reason, it never occurred to some people that the round calendar was designed to be used over again, and again).

Not to be upstaged, the UFO, astrology, rapture, and other groups joined the parade and looked forward to the destruction and immolation of their enemies, while they, the true believers would rise above the fray. Hooray, doomsday is coming on the 21st!

Even more disturbing than gullible civilians who fall for doomsday scenarios, is knowing there are Republican members of congress who profess belief in apocalyptic prophecies. These characters should be disqualified from any government service. They certainly should not be involved in the shaping of national policy.

If anyone is disappointed that this latest end times didn’t happen, you will get another opportunity on the 23rd, Jan. 6th, and hundreds more future dates for the end of the world.

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