Sunday, December 30, 2012

Half Baked

Missing Ingredients

I sometimes write more than one set of words for each blog post. Eventually, I tend to choose the less controversial text. A few people have seen some of my first drafts, and they felt that I should not short-change my journal, (and those who read it), by leaving pointed observations on the cutting room floor. So, tonight there is first draft material on this page.

Today’s title, would be my description of the biscuits that are being served up by the Tea Party caucus. Half baked, and missing some essential ingredients.

I have been trying to pinpoint why some people with seemingly functioning neural circuitry, are convinced that the Tea Party is a reasonable solution to repair our dysfunctional congress.

I think it might be that they have a childish view of how government is supposed to  function. To simplify the big picture into a cartoon, many of the ingredients are left out, along with details that take too long to draw, (and all those long sentences with pesky big words).

The resulting information can then be shaped into bite sized, ‘Talking Points’. These are dished up on Fox News Corp TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines as part of the 24 hour a day deluge of misleading, partial information.

The U. S. Constitution is mostly ignored in their creed, with the exception of some cherry picked, partial sentences to support the right to anarchy and irresponsible behavior. It’s so much easier that way, rather than to have to actually read and understand the document that is the framework on which our nation is built.

According to my own anecdotal survey, and some actual data, nearly every person who supports the Tea Party, also watches, listens to, and reads, Fox News Corp information.

So, I figure some of the Tea Party supporters haven’t lost their senses, it’s just that their brains have been starved and malnourished down to an intellectually deficient level where ill conceived, childish nonsense, sounds patriotic and reasonable.

About Today’s Photo’s

Today’s images are part of an ambient light, hand held, photo experiment. Some of the pictures were shot long after sunset, with only the glowing atmosphere reflecting light onto the mountains and flowers.

I played around with a few effects on some, while on others the detail that was captured by the Lumix FZ8 is superb. The Christmas cards on the credenza are exceptionally sharp, and rich in color. The only light was that which drifted in from the kitchen. Even though the available light was feeble, I didn’t need to use the flash or tripod. I like that.

Today’s Beautiful Video;

PRINZENZEIT * KORSIKA from david babendreyer on">Vimeo

Enjoying The Big Picture

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