Sunday, December 2, 2012

Atmospheric River

Roaring Raining Rapids

Big storm radar image from weatherunderground

The rain that arrived is relentlessly battering against my bedroom window as I am comfortably sitting up in my nice warm bed. Evidently, when we get one of these atmospheric rivers in November-December, it is very unusual.

In between the waves of rain on Saturday, I took a few pictures of the storm battered flowers along the driveway. In addition to the rain, there have been strong winds with gusts of 40 mph. The roses that were open, got a bit tattered and torn.

There is awesome beauty in the storm and it’s effect on the areas it touches.

The rivers on the ground are being strongly affected by the one above, and flooding to the south of Redding is likely. The various creeks and streams that feed the Sacramento river are already swollen and are expected to reach flood stage on Sunday.

More importantly, the areas that were scarred by last summer’s wildfires will be adding mud and debris to the mix. There is a possibility that the Atmospheric river will increase in intensity and duration, in which case the results could be devastating to Sacramento and the Central Valley.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have been getting rich on the money spent to fight wars intended to protect their oil interests. They don’t like the idea of paying taxes on their ill gained profits and are trying to find ways to keep the tax cuts for the wealthy from expiring. They expect to raid the social security trust to get the money pay for their folly.

There was no attempt to legitimately fund the wars. The Republican administration simply went to war. This saddled the country with massive amounts of debt, while at the same time creating record profits for the Republican defense contractors, and the generals that work for them.

They are flooding the media with the fairy tale of the “Fiscal Cliff”. This was a deadline they gave themselves to motivate congress to reach a budget consensus by the end of the year. They would like to squeeze the money out of the poor, the disabled, and the elderly.

The Republican owned media is cooperating by creating the impression that people on social security, disability, unemployment, and welfare, are just lazy moochers who live like kings on the taxpayers dime. Some Fox News watchers actually believe this tripe.

Here is a picture of Friday’s dinner. It is Sunday’s dinner, too. I can get two meals out of one of the Trader Joe’s dinners from the refrigerated deli section. This one has broccoli, two pieces of chicken-like substance, and penne pasta with some sort of sauce. I like to eat one of these every couple of months or so.

The tangerine fairy left these citrus treats outside my door. That was a nice surprise.

I hope all of you who live downstream are prepared for the possibility of floods. The precipitation that falls on the mountains will not be staying as snow with these warm tropical moisture storms, but the heavy accumulations of rain will run down the mountainsides in torrents, filling the streams, rivers, and waterways below.

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