Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Time Frames

Images Of Then, Now

Pieces of time that can be shared in a future ‘now’. That is one of the magical qualities I find in photography. I can even plan ahead, to collect a series of nows that we can all observe in this now.

I was drawn to this particular rose because of it’s depth of color and variety of textures. It also got my attention by being the only bud on this particular bush. The trick was to be there, when the sunlight was there, too. The window of opportunity is open for about an hour in the morning, and maybe 20 minutes in the evening if one wants to see the sunlight turn on the light of this rose.

So, in my coming and goings, if I happened to see the sun beams move across this rose, I took pictures. Thinking that It would be nice to show it develop and blossom over a three day period. I am glad I did.

The mountains have been looking beautiful in the sunlight with their recent cover of snow. I can’t resist stopping so I can focus my attention on composing an image that captures something of what I see and feel when I look at these magnificent volcanic, and geological wonders.

Sometimes the camera adds it’s own elements to the image. It did when , on a rare occasion, I was up early, taking pictures in the morning sun and the lens produced a little rainbow when the sun angled across it.

I was driving down a side street, off Hilltop Drive, where I saw these three palm trees rising high above the houses in the tract below. I had to stop and get a few shots, to use as a graphic for an upcoming project. What fun.

Today’s Video;

In 1957, I was part of a small aviation club in Northridge, California. We were very fortunate to be able to observe, and follow, the first manmade satellite programs, beginning with the Sputnik missions.

What a thrill it was to see sputnik travel across the sky, and hear it beep on a radio. The second Sputnik had a dog in it. The dogs name was Laika.

This touching video is a rewrite of Laika’s story...

LAIKA from Avgousta Zourelidi on http://vimeo.com">Vimeo


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