Friday, December 28, 2012

Beautiful December Days

And Nights, Too

Thursday Sunrise

A wonderful variety of atmospheric conditions have been part of this December.

Mt Shasta glows in the distance

Rain and snow. Clear skies. Skies decorated with all manner of cloud formations. Colorful leaves. Blustery winds. Bare branches. Warm days and cold days. December.

Rose in the sun

I drove down to Richmond on Christmas day to visit and play music with the LMP Trio. Rain was with me the whole ride. I enjoy driving in the rain. I find it peaceful and conducive to achieving a calm, meditative state of being.

Shasta Bally, the day before Christmas.

At Marian’s house, I had Christmas dinner with Marian and Leona. After dinner, we played a game of Scrabble, then we played music. Beautiful music. What a treasured Christmas gift for all concerned.

Mt Shasta, Christmas eve day afternoon

The LMP Trio, (Leona, Marian, and Phil), played more music the day after Christmas, (Boxing Day), and I headed back up to Redding later that afternoon.

The sunset and moonrise were spectacular as I crossed the bridge to Vallejo and points north. I would have taken some pictures, but traffic was thick and inconsistent, so I opted to keep my senses alert to the changing dynamics of the vehicular tributaries and coursing streams of rumbling, rambling travelers.

Bare branches pattern the blue sky behind this rose.

I had a very nice Christmas. I am fortunate and grateful for the present of life as I know it.

Once I returned to Redding, the moon that had accompanied me on my journey, was now appearing in the night sky, beside Orion, beaming down on the Treehouse. I pulled out the Lumix FZ5, (my best nighttime moon camera), and took a few pictures while conditions permitted.

I hope everyone got the Christmas they needed.

Today’s Video;

Around the Globe- A Snow Globe Timelapse Journey from Canada to London from All Cut Up Films on">Vimeo

Happy Traveling

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