Friday, December 7, 2012

December Visions

Spaceship Lenticular Clouds

Christmas Carolers

Carolers from Copper Ridge Care Center sing at the Treehouse

Going throughout the town, singing winter festival songs, was a tradition that began before the birth of Christ and the advent of Christianity. The singing from house to house is thought to have begun in Persia then co opted by the Romans, who called the festival, Saturnalia.

In the fourth century, Christian leaders adopted Saturnalia in a successful attempt to convert Roman pagans. It was quite a feat, and required moving Jesus’ birthday from September 11, to December 25. Here is one historical narrative about the Origin Of Christmas.

Amazing Sunsets

When the skies are not too cloudy, and conditions are ‘right’, winter time in Redding is a good time for spectacular sunsets. Here are a couple recent examples.

Don’t Forget The Flowers

It is nice to have year round flowers at the Treehouse for us to enjoy. Between the efforts of the resident gardeners, and the grounds maintenance personnel, there are plenty of interesting and colorful subjects to be photographed every day.

I am glad I am able to share some of the visions of December that I perceive. I think that, had I been born 20,000 years ago, I would have been painting on rock walls, carving them out of stone, and playing songs on a bone flute or wooden drum to share these visions with you.

Today’s Visionary Video;

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