Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So Different

So Familiar

Do we really need to try to find things in common to understand one another?

Does it just seem easier to relate to some people, simply  because they look like us?

Let’s find out.

Shared experiences can produce some things people find they have in common.

Playing together in a good band, or sports team.

Being in combat and surviving.

Surviving a disaster with others is definitely a bonding, common experience.

When I meet new people, they usually ask, “Where are you from?” If it is a place that person is familiar with, that is something we have in common.

I have noticed that for some people, similar tastes can be a cohesive commonality.
“I don’t like liverwurst”... “Me either”, is sometimes enough to break the ice, and open channels of communication.

It’s harder for me to relate sympathetically with the uneducated person who shot and killed 6 year old 832F, than it is to appreciate and empathise with the alpha female wolf he killed. But, when I was 11 or 12 years old, I might have been ignorant and insensitive enough to shoot the worlds most famous wolf.

It would take some doing, to remember what it felt like when I was unaware that animals are living beings with families, feelings, and social structure. I would also have had to ignore the significance of her radio collar and close proximity to the boundary of Yellowstone National Park. I don’t think I could have done that as a kid, anymore than I would perform such a thoughtless, irresponsible, repugnant act, today.

So, dear reader, we have uncovered a shared concern for the wolf pack that lost an intelligent and nurturing leader. Now to find forgiveness in our collective soul for those unenlightened people who lack compassion, awareness, and understanding. That would include the thoughtless legislators who took the gray wolf off the endangered species list.

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