Thursday, December 20, 2012

Right Where I Am

Is Here And Now

Two days ago, I thought I would be returning to Redding just about now, 11:20 pm, on this Wednesday night. Leona, Marian, and I would have played in Millbrae earlier in the evening and, after we returned to Richmond, I would have loaded up the Buick, bid a fond adieu, and started driving north for 200 miles.

However, none of that happened. The place we were to play, had to postpone the event due to a virus. We were to have played for the people at the senior care facility, (where we have played before), but a virus made an appearance ahead of us.

I am guessing they don’t mean a computer virus.

So, I got to be here for some spectacular weather, a rehearsal with the Phil Seymour Band before we play Thursday night for the Shasta Blues Society Christmas party and music Scholarship Fund raiser.

Next week, when the LMP Trio is to play the rescheduled Millbrae event, I won't be playing the next night. That is good. I have to be careful not to overdo things. If I push it too hard, I can put myself out of commission for an indeterminate amount of time. I would prefer to avoid that.

Dinner tonight was one half of a Trader Joe’s Chicken Piccata with Penne Rigate & Broccoli. I like eating these dinners now and then. The sauce has capers in it. When I was a kid, I didn’t like capers - now I do. I guess, like certain cheeses, it’s an acquired taste. I am glad I am living long enough to enjoy acquired tastes.

Early Christmas Presents

Margaret Miller, (writer, photographer, communication artist), gave me this cue ball size snow globe, with a rubber ducky Santa inside. (You may recall my recent video that featured a rubber ducky in a tugboat trying to navigate Lake Treehouse, (VIDEO).) Margaret, thoughtfully has provided me with this new rubber ducky character that no doubt will be starring in his own video in the next day or two.

An Early Christmas For Sandi

Sandi’s old Mercedes finally crossed the unreliability line, and Stuart, (her husband), got her this Subaru. She is very happy, and so are her grandkids. Now she has an official ‘soccer grand-mom’ vehicle.

Today’s Seasonal Video;

Now Is The Present

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